ASTSWMO News Summer 2019

Board of Directors

Lifetime Achievement Award

The ASTSWMO Board of Directors has selected Jeff Deckler, who retired from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in 2009, as the recipient of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. Jeff was a member of ASTSWMO’s Federal Facilities Subcommittee for a number of years, and from 2000-2004 was the ASTSWMO Secretary-Treasurer. The Board will present him with this award during the 2019 Annual Meeting reception on October 30, 2019.


CERCLA & Browfields

The new Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group, which will officially begin its work this fall, is continuing to take shape. The mission for this Focus Group is to research issues associated with the investigation of hazardous substances and remedy selection process at Superfund sites. This mission includes providing States with training and State-to-State information exchange and the development of new approaches for gathering and applying the scientific and engineering information needed to develop remedies for Superfund sites. The Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group will work on issues encountered during the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study stages of Superfund cleanups. ASTSWMO is specifically looking for one State or Territory representative from Regions 7, 9 and 10. If you are interested in joining the Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group, please submit a new member form, which can be found here at the bottom of the Governance & Membership Policies page, and send the form and any questions you may have to Scott Lauher

Federal Facilities

This summer, the Remediation & Reuse and State Federal Coordination Focus Groups convened for their first in-person meetings in over 2 years to begin work on two new research projects and discuss current federal facility cleanup priorities among States. The groups also met with leadership from federal agencies, including EPA FFRRO, Department of Defense, Department of Interior, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to discuss their program priorities, our new projects, and begin planning for future meetings and coordination work.

Members from both Focus Groups will be reaching out to States in the coming months to get national input into their new projects. The Remediation & Reuse Focus Group will draft an issues paper on State involvement in the cleanup of federal facilities on lands owned by civilian federal agencies. Dusting off an ASTSWMO paper written 15 years ago, the Focus Group will provide updated policy and program information on various federal programs, a summary of the universe of sites nationwide, and information on how States and federal agencies can collaborate on the investigation and cleanup of these sites.

The State Federal Coordination Focus Group will develop an issues paper on implementing and managing land use controls (LUCs) at federal facilities. The paper will be less on what LUCs are and more on the challenges States have reported in implementing LUCs at various types of federal facility cleanup sites. The Focus Group will collect case studies from States on how they have overcome challenges identified in the paper and provide a compendium of tools developed by Federal, State, and local governments and private parties to document and manage LUCs.

EPA FFRRO’s Federal Facilities Academy begins in September! The Academy is a voluntary training program developed for EPA RPMs, project managers from other federal agencies, State government, and Tribal groups who work on federal facility Superfund cleanups. It includes 11 webinars and one in-person training. Visit Trainex’s Federal Facilities Academy webpage for more information.

Hazardous Waste & Materials Management

The Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Subcommittees recently held their biennial Joint Training. Read more about it below.


On August 26, 2019, members of the Emerging Fuels Task Force – Doug Hansen (UT), Tara Rosie (AZ), and Ted Unkles (VT) – helped lead a NEIWPCC webinar on Emerging Fuels with representatives from EPA OUST and Arizona DEQ. The webinar provided an overview of emerging fuels, considerations and impacts of new fuel blends on existing UST infrastructure, and an overview of ASTSWMO’s Corrosion Observations and Compatibility tools. Presentations and a webinar recording are available on NEIWPCC’s UST Inspector Training Webinar Archive webpage.

The Emerging Fuels webinar introduced a new update to the Corrosion Observations tool. You’re now able to view all reports that have been submitted using a map feature. Check it out on our Emerging Fuels Webpage.

Attending the EPA Brownfields Conference in December? Be sure to attend the Promoting Revitalization of Petroleum-Impacted Sites (PROPS) panel discussion on December 13. Mahesh Albuquerque (CO), UST Task Force member, and Russ Olsen (WA), State Fund-FR Task Force member, are working with EPA OUST and ASTSWMO’s Brownfields Focus Group to lead a discussion on approaches used to foster the assessment, cleanup and/or subsequent reuse of petroleum impacted sites – better known as Petroleum Brownfields.

ASTSWMO Elections

Are you interested in running for the office of Vice-President in October 2019?

If so, please contact Ken Kloo, ASTSWMO Past-President.


Now Available

Annual State Funds Survey Results for 2018

ASTSWMO Comments to EPA Draft Interim Recommendations for Addressing Groundwater Contaminated with PFOA and PFOS

Coming Soon

- Site Assessment Focus Group: Toolbox that follows up on their 2017 report “On Time and Under Budget, Superfund Site Assessment Program Analysis, States’ Perspective”

- Remedial Action Focus Group: Technical Impracticability Waivers for Groundwater at Superfund Sites - This will be a webinar that will be scheduled and announced for this fall.

- CERCLA Post Construction Focus Group: Preparing for Post Construction – Using Lessons Learned to Minimize Long Term Costs

- CERCLA Post Construction Focus Group: Preparing Post-Closure Cleanup Sites for Natural Disasters Checklist

- Removals Focus Group: Creating a form on Referrals of Removal Actions

- Brownfields Focus Group: Research Tool on State Brownfields Programs

- 2018 UST Common Compliance Violations

- Private UST Insurance Brochure for Owners and Operators

- UST Financial Responsibility Insurance Submittal Checklist for Regulators

- State Fund Usage Compendium

- ASTSWMO Position Paper on Federal Facility Cleanups

- ASTSWMO Position Paper on CERCLA Modernization


ASTSMWO Meetings

ASTSWMO Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Workshop, September 17-19, 2019, New Orleans, LA.

2019 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting, October 30-31, 2019, Washington, DC. Registration is open.

2020 ASTSWMO Mid-Year Meeting, April 29-30, 2020, Birmingham, AL.

Other Meetings

2020 ITRC Annual Meeting, April 20-23, 2020, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Joint Training Recap

The Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Subcommittees focused over the summer on organizing and conducting the 2019 ASTSWMO Joint Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Training (Joint Training), held on August 13-15, 2019 in Milwaukee, WI. Around 200 attendees from 46 States, two Territories, the District of Columbia, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Headquarters, EPA Regions and other organizations participated in the two and-a-half day training.

The theme of the Joint Training, “Developing 21st Century Solutions for 21st Century Waste Streams”, was reflected in plenary and program-specific sessions. Two plenary sessions on emerging waste streams addressed fuel cells, solar panels, wind turbine blades, lithium ion batteries, end-of-life hybrid car batteries, electronic waste and cannabis/hemp. There was also a plenary session that featured the final EPA Pharmaceuticals rule as well as drug take-back programs; specific aspects of the EPA rule were also covered in more depth in a Hazardous Waste session. Representatives from the Interstate Regulatory and Technology Council (ITRC) provided PFAS training tailored for the Joint Training through a PFAS “101” plenary session and a PFAS “202” joint Hazardous Waste and Materials Management breakout session that delved into the “nuts and bolts” for site managers. The closing plenary session consisted of a Young Professionals Panel that spurred a lively, interactive discussion among panelists and attendees about staff development and succession planning in the hazardous waste and materials management programs.

The Joint Training’s "ASTSWMO Gives Back" recipient was "Teens Grow Greens", a Milwaukee based nonprofit that provides nine-month paid internships that help teens develop life skills through hands-on experience. Their vision is to grow teens who are purposeful leaders in their own lives, the lives of others, and the life of their environment. Joint Training attendees donated $740 for Teens Grow Greens, which was presented to the organization’s representatives at the meeting reception on August 13.

Presentations and session recordings will be available on the ASTSWMO website soon.

ASTSWMO's 45th Anniversary

ASTSWMO will celebrate its 45th year in service at the 2019 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting. For more information, see the Annual Meeting announcement on the ASTSWMO website.


2020 ITRC Teams

ITRC is excited to announce next year's project teams! Membership enrollment for new, extended, and ongoing 2020 teams will open on December 2, 2019. Learn more here.

NEW – Use of Soil Background Concentrations in Risk Assessment


ONGOING – 1,4-Dioxane, GSR with Resiliency, Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms, ISM Update, In Situ Optimization, Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for ITRC’s 2020 Annual Meeting on April 20-23 in Minneapolis, Minnesota! This meeting will celebrate 25 years of ITRC collaboration and innovation. Learn more here.

Upcoming Training

Characterization and Remediation of Fractured Rock – October 15, St. Louis, MO

Managing PFAS Contamination at Your Site – October 24, Tacoma, WA. Contact Tadbir Singh (tsingh@ecos.org) if you are a state employee interested in a travel scholarship!

DoD Update

Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) Forum Presentations Now Available:

DoD has posted information from the DERP Forum on the DoD Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Exchange.

Recap article of the Forum is available here: https://www.denix.osd.mil/derp/home/.

Links to presentations are available here: https://www.denix.osd.mil/derp/2019-derp-forum-agenda-with-links-to-presentations/

Members in Action

Are you interested in volunteering on an ASTSWMO Task Force or Focus Group? Fill out the New Member Interest Form and email it to one of our Staff!

Tanks Subcommittee:

UST Task Force: Region 7

LUST Task Force: Regions 4, 8, 10

Emerging Fuels Task Force: Regions 3, 5

Federal Facilities Subcommittee:

Remediation & Reuse Focus Group: Regions 1, 4

State Federal Coordination Focus Group: Regions 1, 5, 10

CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee:

Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group: Regions 7, 9, 10

Removals Focus Group: Region 7

Brownfields Focus Group: Regions 2, 7

CERCLA Post Construction Focus Group: Region 3

Site Assessment: Regions 1, 2

Remedial Action Focus Group: Regions 2 and 9

Hazardous Waste Subcommittee:

Program Information Management Task Force: Regions 2, 5, 6

Materials Management Subcommittee:

Beneficial Use Task Force: Regions 1, 4, 10

Solid Waste Disposal and Conversion Task Force: Regions 1, 4, 8

Sustainable Materials Management Task Force: Regions 1, 7

Radiation Task Force: Regions 1, 2, 3, 5

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