Clams Jeff Curran


  • Clams have two shells that filter water to feed
  • Clams use their outer shell for defense
  • their shells are usually grey or black and the inside is white

Role in the ecosystem

  • They provide food for numerous creatures
  • They provide shelter for smaller organisms
  • They help build reefs


Clams for the most part are not all that complex they have a basic organ system. They Also only have a shell and a soft body on the inside.

How do they reproduce?

Around mid summer when the plankton population is high clams will release sperm and eggs into the water.

Conservation Status

As for their conservation status the clam is in no danger of being endangered anytime soon.


They are significant because they provide a large part in the food chain and also help build reefs.


  • Hard shell to protect from predators
  • Two shells to filter in water and plankton to eat.


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