Teen STEAM Summer Camp 2019

What is the STEAM Camp?

It's an amazing six week program centering around Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. This six week program included topics such as the circus, survival week, hackathon, permaculture, forensic/CSI, and biomedical engineering.

Week 1

We focused on building confidence, practicing skills, and learning science all through the art of the Circus!

Week 2

Learned about the wilderness and survival

Week 3

We learned how to program an app for a specific non-profit.

Week 4

we learned about permaculture and how it positively affects the environment.

Week 5

Learned about forensics and what happens at a crime scene.

Week 6

The last week of this program we focused on biomedical engineering; specifically analyzing the knee to make a prosthetic, dissect a cow's knee, and to look under a microscope!


Created with images by Vlad Tchompalov - "untitled image" • Kyle Smith - "untitled image" • Luke Porter - "untitled image" • William Hook - "untitled image" • Alfons Morales - "untitled image" • vefrun - "flowers flora nature" • Couleur - "rose flower blossom" • RyanMcGuire - "grimace funny expression" • Pexels - "action adult paralympics" • peter-facebook - "dentist tooth toothache" • Lucaxx Freire - "untitled image" • Zsolt Hubicska - "untitled image"

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