Sadness Writing by Pukeko Nest

When I feel sad I go to my Mummy. Then I go to my room. After that I calm down. After I do a rest. Then I have a cuddle. I feel blue. My eyes drop tears. Sadness is in my brain, that makes me sad. Lexi


I am sad because my mummy goes away. Emmy

When I feel sad I like to take a When I am sad I go to my room and I cuddle in my Muzlen. I like it so much and I wish I could stay at home every time, but I can’t because I have to stay at school. I have to learn everyday. Annie

Annabelle Ydeep breath and count to 3, 1,2,3. I feel sad when i watch scary and sad movies. They make me sad. Scarlett

When I am sad I go to my bedroom and I build lego on my own. I make police cars. When I am ready to come out with my sister we watch some T.V. Ben

When I am sad my friends don’t play with me. I want to play in the tunnel, but at home I go to my bedroom and I cuddle my teddy. When I am good said mum. Sam H

I am sad when my mum goes to work but I feel happy when my mum comes back home. I go to my room. I just sit on my bed until I am happy. Lucy

When I feel sad I play on my iPad and I watch a video. It was cool and it had Star Wars in it. I will be better when I have an enormous tea and eat chocolate. I go to the park and I go with Troy. Archie

When I am sad mum cuddles me. Lotti


I feel sad when my mum goes on a plane to Fiji and my dad looks after me and my brothers. We have lollies and ice cream too. Luke

The thing that got me sad is when dad sent me to my room. Mum got me out. Cody

When I feel sad I said to my mum, “Hug me mum”. I love my mum. My dad is going on holiday and I feel sad when my dad goes away. If my dad is at home I love my dad to hug me. Then my mum is going away. Narges

When my sister hit me I feel sad. I feel happy when my sister says sorry. Grace

I am having cuddles when I am sad. I am happy when mum cuddles me. Eva

I went to the beach with Jay. we walked and I got hurt by a shell. Charlie

When I feel sad my mum gives me a cuddle, then I feel better. When my brother broke something I feel sad. When I fix lego I felt better. Archer

When I am sad for my toys. When the toy popped I cried. I am sad when my friend is mad at me. I sit on my bed and sleep. Annabel N

When I feel sad I go to my bedroom and yell mummy. She always tell me to have a deep breath. At school I miss my mum. She have a holiday on Wednesday. I love my mummy. I have one deep breath and count to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The I came out and give my mummy a hug and say sorry. Emily C

When I am sad I go to my room. My mum yell at me I go to my room when I don’t listen to her words. When I am in my room crying, my mum comes into my room and I have cuddles with my mum on my bed. Then I come out of my room. I feel better when I come out. Stella

When I feel sad I like to cuddle my teddy. Soon I settle down and have a drink. It makes me happy. I feel sad when I ruined the day. I feel sad because my is going away on a boat for the day. Maia

When I feel sad I go to my room and lay down on my bed. I take a big breath and let it out. Soon I don't like it when i am sad. I cry when I am sad. Emily K

When my dad gets angry I go to my room. I feel really sad. Mum gives me cuddles. Max

When I am sad I like doing Lego with mum. We made lego ships. That was fun. Then we made another ship. It was fun. And now back to sadness. When I was sad I went to bed. I just was angry because my sister was not following my rules. Ethan

I get sad moving house to a new house and I say "Can we move to the old house?". It does not have bunks anymore. Indigo

I am sad because Ashly said "Happy Birthday" . Ella

When I got sad I got stung by seaweed. I need to put my hand in water. I am fine now. I am happy. Dylan

When I am sad I go to my room and cry. When I feel better I play with Olivia, she is my sister. I always play with her. We play school on the trampoline. If you are the jumper you are star of the day. Emily L

I got stung by a bumble bee. I was sad. Maximus

I get sad when my mum growls at me. Zak

When I feel sad I go to the bedroom and have a sleep for a long time. Then I wake up and go on the tramp. Next I play Xbox but… on the Xbox I play Minecraft. Sam M


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