Genetic Engineering By Elizabeth and Angelina

This is processes of the how the CRISPR works.

What is the advancement in Genetic Engineering

  • Method to easily remove, add, and modify selected sequences of DNA.

How Does the TECHNOLOGY work

This society is the one that found they could change genetics this way.
  • The CRISPR system has allowed scientists to combine "guide RNA" sequences that match a specific stretch of DNA in a target genome, with a Cas9 protein that cuts both strands of DNA at that locus.

Why is this technology important

  • This allows scientists to easily genetically modify organisms unlike previous methods which was more tedious and difficult

How has this TECHNOLOGY impacted medicine, forensics, or agriculture.

  • This technology has allowed scientists to modify the genes in humans for the first time. This advancement in genetic engineering will allow scientists to cure certain genetic diseases

What are the potential problems associated with this technlogy

  • May be unethical due to what limits we should put on modifying humans on a genetic level. Should we allow scientists to modify people's future appearances and attributes outside of gene therapy.



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