Forest Gump in Clemson By: Jordan Schrader

The only thing Forest likes more than ice cream is Clemson!

There sitting on a bench beneath library bridge was no other than Forest Gump in a tuxedo. As he sat there eating and he says to me “Clemson is like a box of chocolates, you never know when you’ll get a natty”. From this moment• I was intrigued and he began to tell me his college experience at Clemson…

He came from Alabama, washing away roll tide and taking in a community of tigers. While he pursued a business degree, he spent most of his time thinking about Jenny. They were high school sweethearts but they had to be separated when going to college. Yes, she went to Alabama but his heart was still with her. Whenever he felt troubled, he thought of one thing she said to him “Run Forest! Run!”

In his first math class he was asked to bring a ruler, little did he know that his ruler would change his life forever. He brought to class a picture of Queen Elizabeth, and instantly felt dumb when no one else brought in one. But stupid is as stupid does right? Well forest did what he does best: he ran out of Martin all the way across campus

Little did he know at that time he would end up at Clemson’s football field during the football team’s practice. All Dabo could say was “Look at that boy run” and before Forest could blink he was on the Clemson Tigers football team.

It should be noted that Jenny was treated just like Deshaun Watson, but instead of being kicked out of a bar she was kicked out of school. On the run from roll tide, Jenny made some bad decisions along the way, but she knew she could count on Forest to turn it all around for her. It all came down to one event: the national championship game.

After a close game against Alabama, Forest was able to make the winning touchdown in the last 30 seconds of the game. After celebrating, he was able to give a speech to all his fans and teammates. Just as he was about to start there she was, and he ran to Jenny in the crowd. He had saved his girl, and they were to live happily ever after

Jenny! Jenny! Jenny!

Now, he was waiting for Jenny as they were about to get married on bowman field. And then she appeared, in an elegant tiger stripped wedding dress.

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