Alex's Number the stars Book Diary By alex


I think war is were people kill each other.They sometimes fight for there rights I think the people felt vary scared. They would be scared because it is war.


I think of regeler neighbor. Sometimes I think that they vary nice neighbor.

I would probably stay home. I would also have a gun in my hands.

Number the stars

I think number the stars is going to be a sad book.

I think it is going to be sad because of it's name.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, "Be one of of many." I think this means that blend in with others or blend in with the crowd. I also think that means act different. I also think she says that so they do not meet the two soldiers again.

What would it look like for Denmark and/ or the Johansens to be a bodyguard for the Jews.

It would probably look like people sanding up for the Jews. Maybe it would be them fighting for the Jews.

She was not shere about her qesten.

But in chapter 5 she made a disisen and picked to preteked the Juwish.

She was squeceing it in her had.


We just read of how the Jews are having their stores closed up. We also learned of Peter and how he is almost a son to Krsti's dad.

I predict that Peter will be caught. I think that because he was staying up after 8:00.

I predict that Amare will get caught by the guards because the dogs will smell the basket and will take the secret thing out .


This conflict was when the girls was talking back to the solders

This conflict was when the solders came into the house and searched for the Jewish girl because they where against the Jews.

This conflict happened when the Anmaris mom tripped on the tree root because she was in a hurry.

This conflict happened when Anmari was thinking if she would protect the Jews or not.


This book explains how war makes a lot of damege to people.

Vocabulary words

Lanky and stocky

"She was a stocky ten -year -old, unlike lanky Annemarie."(page 1)

Based on this sentence, and stocky have opposite meanings. I also know they are body types because of the description of the race.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means a big and thick build.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; other words, messy, cheesy, lucky


Peter Neilsen brought it to them accasionally, carefully folded and hidden among ordinary book and papers, mama always burned it after she and Papa had read it.


"Wait for me" wailed little Kirsti.


stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silentl, pray that some who the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message.


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