My Journey To: my beutiful son and to the love of my life


From troy the winds took us to the city of Cicones. The Cicones turned on us and attacked. We escaped but we lost six men on each ship.

Lotus Eaters

A storm sent by zeus kept us moving for nine days. We finally reached the Lotus-eaters. We met some natives that gave my men intoxicating fruit of the lotus. When they ate the fruit they lost all thought of home. I had to drag them to the ship and lock them up so I could get off the island.


We made a fire helped ourselves to some cheese then we sat arounf the crackeling fire in silence. When he came we all scattered. He closed the giant rock slab not even "four wheeled wagons, with heaving wagon teams, could not have stirred the tonnage of that rock from where he wedged it over the doorsill". We where trapped no way to move the giants door. He stabbed the fire int he glare he saw us. He said "strangers who are you and where are you from". I responded we are from Troy, Achaens, blown off course. He asked where is your ship I said we where ship wrecked on the rocks at your land's end. With no hesitation he grabbed two of my men bashed their brains out and then took them apart and made his meal. We made a spear out of an olive tree branch and stuck it in his eye while he was a sleep. We escaped by hiding under the sheep.

Island of Aeolia

We have arrived on the island of Aeolia to gather some food and water. I have met with the wind king Aeolus. He gave me and bag of wind and he said use it to get home. I did not tell the crew becuase I did not know that they would trust that I was telling the truth and that there was actually gold in the sack but I was wrong they opens the bag anyway. The wind blew men flew out of the boat. The boat went all the way back to where we started.


They were giant cannibals, they destroyed all but one of are ships and the crew devoured. Our ship was the only one that escaped.


Only twenty-three men left when we reached Aeaea the home of the beautiful goddess Circe. We went to her palace she served us a meal of cheese and barley and amber honey mixed with pramnian wine, adding her potion to make us lose all need to make it home. soon they where drunk and she turned them into pigs. One the men escaped to tell us what has happened. I went to see what happened and Hermes came up to me and gave me a plants to eat so I won't turn into an animal. we stayed there for many years not even knowing how long it has been. Begging circe to help us return home. her response was to have me go to find teiresias in the land of the dead

The Land Of The Dead

My journey had brought me to the underworld to meet with the blind Tiresias. I have brought with me milk, honey, wine, and crystal clear water to give to him. What I saw frightened me because it was my mothers spirit.


As instructed by circe I am to plug my mens ears and have them tie me to the ship. I alone am the only one to hear the Sirens' songs. I begged for them to let me go but they only tightened it to make sure he was not released.


The enormous whirlpool below the cliffs of Scylla's lair. It threatened to swallow the whole ship.


Scylla is a six headed monster that swallows one sailer for each head.


We came to Thrinacia the island of the sun. I wanted to avoid it but I saw how tired and hungry my men were so I let them eat and rest up. A storm made us stay long than expected. The crew disobeyed me and slaughtered the cattle of the sun. When the sun found out he asked zeus to make me and the crew pay for what we did


I eventually reach Ogygia, Calypso's island.


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