The kite runner sandra alcantar vega

khaled Hosseini

The author of the kite runner was khaled hosseini.Hosseini was born in kabul,Afghanistan on march the forth in the year of nineteen sixty-five.At the age of eleven he and his family moved to france and years later they gained citizenship.Khaled also wrote other books such as a thousand splendid suns and the mountains echoed.

the kite runner begins in Kabul,Afghanistan later in the novel the setting changes to Fremont,California then it later on switches back to Afghanistan but what i found very interesting about this novel was the symbolism about the pomegranate tree.
See Amir and Hassan were the best of friends such as these two dogs although they were from different backgrounds the two boys believed that there friendship could last internaly and they promised to always be there for each other.Amir and Hassan spent most of their time outside under a pomegranate tree where Amir reads to Hassan.
The pomegranate tree symbolizes the nurturing and beautiful friendship that Hassan and Amir have."There was a pomegranate tree near the entrance of the cemetery.One summer day,I used one of ali's kitchen knives to carve our names on it:'Amir and Hassan,the sultans of Kabul'. those words made it formal:the tree was ours." The boys saw the tree as their special place and they thought that nothing could break up their friendship.
After the horrible tragedy that amir witnesses with Hassan the tree no longer held the same meaning for the two of them.Amir was wrecked with guilt that he carries most of his life.When amir goes back ad visits the tree he sees that the tree is no longer bearing fruit which represents the fact that their friendship is no longer in tact.The two names where still carved in the wood,but the tree is dead,just like their friendship.


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