Egypt By alexia raffaelE / Mrs black

Physical water scarcity-is the amount of problems when there is not enough water to share equally to each other. While others choose to pay to adopt a good water policies.

Economic water scarcity- is the standard of a problem where there is not enough technology to clean/process the water which can lead to serious illnesses such as death.

Some factors causing water scarcity are:

  • Water pollution
  • Overuse of humans
  • Conflict
  • Droughts

Pattern -The pattern in North Africa is warmer because the climate changes which is caused by being close to the equator and which means there is hardly ever rainfall in the northern part of Africa.

Focus Q1:

  • Climate
  • Pollution
  • Mass of poisoning
  • Use
  • Rising sea levels reducing produce

Focus Q2-3

Q2: It effects the availability of water by pollution by people dumping there house hold trash in there local water dam/lake

Q3: water sources become polluted and toxic to drink out of,use of irrigation water to meet food demands, recieve 80mm of rainfall all year,more places are turning into desserts.

The climate in Egypt has a varies from cold to extremely hot ,during December to march ,its cool,windy,humid and with some rain,sometimes even snow.And from June to September is very dry an hot and temperatures reach from 90 degrees to 100 ,and maybe even 120 degrees.the water availability in Egypt has been increasing with population as well as pollution and environmental degration and decreasing in water availability.the impact of water scarcity in Egypt has an impact on lives and humans because of pollution and usage which can cause serious illnesses or even death.Reading this information I have learnt so much and about the climate and the horrific pollution.

Q4:To improve the water scarcity they have installed more efficient,irrigation,techniques and they have started to control water pollution so that they can drink out of it and be wealthy.


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