Who made the boots? Taylor Garcia

The boot is a shoe designed to cover your ankle and up part your leg. They are designed to keep your feet dry and warm from water, snow, cold weather etc. The first boot was made around 1000 BC. They were first influenced by the military at the time.

These were one of the first boots made.

John Wayne was the man that influenced the idea of boots on the more country and protective side of the boot. Boots are usually symbolized as a knight. Theres are also phrases used for the boot as to put the boot in symbolizes violence.

This was 1800 and Cowboy boots were invented to protect cowboys feet.

People have designed differnet fabrics and styles of the boot to adapt to the environment and make people comfortable.In the ancient time boots represented rorialty and military power. You were rich and look up too if you had boots because leather was expensive in the roman time and was hard to get. As time went on boots then got stylish and laces and ribbons were added to it.


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