Between the Houses Grove Lane Pond in Winter

Monday, February 10th 2017

Grove Lane (B6159), connecting Headingley and Meanwood in north Leeds, is a road I use frequently. Today was the first time I took a walk around the Grove Lane pond, through a quite small patch of scrub, woodland and meadow. I was pleasantly surprised to see the excellent signage that had been placed alongside the well-kept paths.

Winter had left the trees bare and the grass dry. Such a tangled scene seemed to call for monochrome treatment. And that put me in mind of the overgrown parks and gardens photographed by Eugène Atget more than a century ago.

Grove Lane pond
Grove Lane pond with concrete sides to Meanwood Beck beyond
Another angle on Grove Lane pond
The ginnel leading away from Grove Lane towards Meanwood Park
To the right, Meanwood Beck; to the left, the ginnel. Going off to the left, Brookfield Road
Grove Lane pond, looking towards Grove Lane
Excellent signage explains about the birds, bats and the pond, as well as showing the relationship to Woodhouse Ridge and the Meanwood Valley Trail.

I am looking forward to photographing all of this again, in Spring and Summer, when all of the leaves have grown back.

Below is a photo of Grove Lane itself. A dull winter's day with the sun obscured by cloud but still bright towards the top left of the frame. Atget's photos always seem extraordinarily atmospheric. My mimicry of his techniques here is, in part, an attempt to understand better his wonderful archive of images.

Lloyd Spencer

Leeds, 2017

email me at lloydspencer at mac dot com

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Lloyd Spencer

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