Elisha Hoeft Genius Hour How can my overall health and fitness be improved over 6 weeks?

For my genius hour I have decided to do something on the healthy side. It is about me being as healthy and fit as I can be for the rest of this six weeks. This is important to me because being healthy and fit is one of my main goals in life. I don't like feeling unwell in those types of things, eating healthier drinking more water working out even if it's just a little bit, I recommend that most people should do this. It's better for your body and it's a great way to make you feel better about yourself. My goal for this project is to get me started on a lifetime goal of being healthy, fit etc. doing so I hope this inspires people to do so as well. They don't have to do the same exact steps as me but a little healthy tips wont hurt. I will measure my goals by tracking my food intake and how I feel during and after the workouts, and will get an app that reminds me to do things and will help me keep track of all of this. And we shall see what happens..

I have learned about how important it is for your health to exercise, because it helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some disease and other health issues. Including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It improves how you act and how your brain functions, exercise also can help you with how to maintain good energy throughout the day. I have learned about myself and the way I exercise I'm doing good for my body and staying healthy. It makes me feel fit and fresh and ready to go through the day. I have also learned that the levels of stress go down after exercising making it easier for me to concentrate. Having a good healthy diet at home also contributes to my health awareness and how important it is to be eating healthy. When you eat healthy your body can create energy not only to go through the day but have a great body outcome when you exercise. See if you ate whataburger one day of the week and had pizza hut for the rest and you exercised your body would feel the lack of nutrition and increase health problems. But my advice to you is to eat a healthy diet like have vegetables and carbs and some protein, all of these things can help your outcome and those who don't eat meat for protein but enjoy eating fish like Salmon, I hear Salmon Salad is really good but also amazingly healthy for you. Some of this information came from different health websites including the Mayo Clinic etc. Some also came from the information I have known since I have started exercising. Going from here I will find great workouts that are easy for beginners and intermediates also some nutritional foods etc. I shall start making short workout videos for those who are determined as much as I am to do this and to give them ideas on what workouts to do, and creating the outcome we want.

I have learned about this topic, that exercising is something you can forget. There isn't no binge exercising in order to get the best and healthiest outcome you need to be devoted to your goal. I have learned that there really is not catch up when it comes to exercise. Once you quit it like your having to start all over again, I'm in athletics at THS (Thrall High School) so therefor i work out every single day out of the five days i'm at the school. But, when it comes to the weekends that is different. My family loves to be healthy and active but sometimes when we don't do anything it's normally catch up on sleep do any extra homework for classes or have family time, its difficult on Monday to get back into exercising because three days of rest can throw everything off track if you don't pay attention. It could mess with you diet, and how strong your body really is. Lets be honest here on the weekends its fun to have some un-healthy food and eats lots and lots of it, it's a struggle I should know because I love food and it is difficult to stay away from it. I don't have any different sources most of this has come from what I've learned through out my life of working out. From here on out I will try to stay away from unhealthy food and find more workouts and foods to present on my final presentation.

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