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Kari Herrera is a copywriter, photographer, and marketing specialist currently leading digital initiatives for luxury brands in the Chicago area. Internationally renowned companies trust her to complement their voice while breathing new life into their persona. Working with a team of passionate creators, she designs creative and graphics for both print and digital advertisements, writes engaging copy, and coordinates lively events throughout the Chicagoland area. Her unique creativity and dependable work ethic have proved to be her greatest allies for success, earning her an impressive list of clients and partners.

"My abilities tend to fall in line with my imagination. If the first seem weak, the latter makes them stronger."
Kari has written for and collaborated with brands such as Rolex, Motorola, Room Mate Hotels, Virgin, Perrier, Coach, DSW, and many more.

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Who Chicago is...

The best in fashion, fitness, and fun in Chicago, Chicagoings.com provides an authentic look at the city – a point of view you won’t find anywhere else. Every tourist knows about Navy Pier, Gold Coast shopping, and the Willis (Sears) Tower. Few, however, are familiar with more hidden gems such as the Garfield Park Conservatory, Palm Court at The Drake Hotel, or the city’s cheap water taxi service. This is a guide for those attracted to authenticity, searching for a unique experience in one of the world’s most seductive cities. Each week we publicize the events and businesses progressively infusing Chicagowith life.

...and where Chicago goes.

Kari was raised to see travel as a form of education that promotes love between peoples and cultures. She utilizes her website and YouTube channel to document her adventures beyond Chicago in playful episodes of her video series Travelgoings and her written series Where Chicago Goes on Chicagoings.com.

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