Mississauga 2.0 Transportation


This issue is about what we can do to solve the issues with our current transportation and how we can solve these issues and who these issues will affect in a positive and negative way.

What is the issue?

There issues with our current transportation that our affecting our daily lives like long commute times, little time to spend with families and stuff that effect your life a lot like obesity because a lot of us spend so much time driving a car. Also we are polluting our air and using lots of our fossil fuels and since there is a lot of pollution it causing diseases like cancer, lung diseases and many other harmful diseases and is effecting all of us a positive and negative way.

Why is this issue a concern to Mississauga?

This issue about transportation is a big concern to Mississauga because we live in Mississauga , but some of our parents work at Toronto and places that are far . Since most of our parents work and they have to travel far they either drive there in cars our use public transit and since a lot of us go downtown it creates a lot of traffic which makes it a longer time to work, which equals less time with our families because at time we sit in our car for up to 45 minutes. Also it causes a lot of pollution because mostly all of us drive downtown for work and pollution means harmful diseases.

Where and who?

This is an issue mostly all over the city and lots of people are involved people who live in Mississauga and people who work public transit workers and city workers.


Right now the average commute time is around 45 minutes in Ontario, which is longer than it used to be it is around 12 percent longer commute times. Some of the problems the people with long commute times face are high blood pressure, obesity and other health problems. What are some of things we can do to solve the current problems?

Well we can take the public transit which will cause you to exercise a little, which will lower the chances of health problems, but might take longer. Also you can carpool which will cause less pollution because you are using one car instead of two. Also to lower commute we can make more public transit routes, which will make it easier to use public transit and will mean more people using

public transit , which will lower commute times because there will be less cars on the road and it will cause a little less traffic which will make commute times shorter.






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