Fun Never gonna grow up

"do not take life too seriously. you will never get out of here alive." elbert hubbard

Travel to Winslow, Arizona: Completed 7.4.19-7.7.19
Go out with friends at least twice a month
Go to a Sneak Preview

"Everything I learned I learned from the movies." Audrey Hepburn

Finish Purple Blanket: completed 7.27.19
Make blanket out of material in closet: completed December 13, 2018
Go Camping: Completed 6.28.19

"you bring your own weather to the picnic." Harlan Coben

Swim in the Ocean: Conpleted May 27-June 1 in the Caribbean
Visit a Museum in Salt Lake
go to Salt Lake's Fanx: Completed 4/20/19
Do dinner with local logan "Family"
go to lagoon 4 times
listen to a live band: Completed May 28, Private Collection

"I'm always hoping for the nights that are inspired where you almost have an out of body experience." Dave brubeck

Have a dinner party at my house
Can Marinara Sauce: Completed 8.17.19
ski at least four times: Whoops! Ran out of time.
ride an Alpen Coaster: completed June 6, 2019
go to A Singles Activity once a Month
Go on 10 Dates
fly a kite on a beach

"Oh, let's go fly a kite Up to the highest height." Richard sherman

go to Lava Hot Springs: Completed Mothers Day Weekend, May 2019
Visit Minnetonka Cave
finish reading Frankenstein
Get correct stand for keyboard: Completed December 25, 2018

"Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she's gone." John Lennon

Grow Tomatoes
Visit The Guggenheim: Completed November 2, 2018
Make raspberry jam: completed 7.24.19


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