Baby Report By: Katie Dunham

During caring for the baby I learned the importance of being able to share your time with the child and making sacrifices to care for the child.

The amount of time gave me a look at how babies sleep and act during the day andd night to help me understand all the work that goes into caring for someone else.

What most I enjoyed from the project was being able to experience having a child and learning from the experience first hand.

What I liked the least was the limited clothes the child came with and how you had to wear some because of the tags.

In improving the exercise I would plan on creating an easier way to keep score of when the child crys and when you feed the doll.

For plans in the future it's made me realize that for when I have children I will have to do more planning before deciding even to get pregnat.

During my time with the baby I never had her babysat or on daycare mode.


"You were a great mom." "I though that it sounded nothing like a real baby" "Spectacular mother" "Took care of the baby very well... good enough to be a future mother." "A bit wierd when it cried cause it disrupted everything." "Great mother and... baby was beautiful" "very good idea for young adults to see what it's like to raise a baby in the future." "I would say that it were real, it would have become a nice, strong male or female, depending on it's preferred gender, and it would have a great life with Katie as his or her mother." "Seems like a good learning experience."

Tuesday, January 24

1:00 PM Start Simulation

2:00 PM Begin Quiet

3:01 PM End Quiet

4:53 PM Missed Feeding

4:58 PM Shaken Baby

7:33 Missed Feeding

7:33 Head Support

Wednesday, January 25

6:31 AM Head Support

2:00 PM Begin Quiet

3:01 PM End Quiet

Thursday, January 26

3:00 AM Stop

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