Mim Malone Kaitlyn

Must i find out everything by myself and have secrets kept for this long. Have people hid behind walls even if the walls are turning to glass.

"I am Mary Iris Malone"

May i have some clarity in all this confusion. Knowing where the sting start and follow it to the end.

More you hold it in the worse the outcome, anything could help me at this point.

"I am not okay"

Open to any information, open to listen, open to become known.

Now it is too late. I've waited for so long and now i take charge.

Everything is up to me now. To save what we have so matter what.


Created with images by porschelinn - "lovelorn" • Incygneia - "lace wedding dress detail" • StockSnap - "shoes laces pants" • Hunter-Desportes - "35mm Black and White (1968)" • MichaelGaida - "dandelion flower meadow" • Chraecker - "tiger and turtle duisburg landmark angerpark" • jans canon - "black and white cat" • Nachrichten_muc - "chess chess board black" • ThomasWolter - "rose black white"

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