A Little About Me!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved to go camping. About 8 or so years ago, my parents would rent a cottage from family friends, so any weekend we wanted, it was ours. Unfortunately, about tow years ago, that family sold the cottage. So this year, we rented a trailer at Silver Lake from people my mom works for.

Fitness Testing

Plank: During my first testing, my plank could have used a lot of improvement. I had only held my plank for 38.6 seconds, which I won't lie, I was proud of, although it wasn't really that long. The second time I did, I truly thought that I would have done a lot worse, but to my surprise, I held my plank for 10 more seconds, reaching an even 48 seconds. Even though it wasn't a lot of improvement, I'm still proud of myself for improving in general!

Beep Test: When we ran our first round, I was a little disappointed with myself for only getting to 2:3. I feel like I probably could have gone longer that day, I had a not given up as soon as I had felt tired. So when we did the second run, I told myself not give up so soon, and to my surprise, I almost reached a whole new level, getting to 3:2!

Field Hockey

Learning a new sport wasn't actually as a hard as I thought it would be, but it defiantly had its difficulties. One thing I really struggled with, was going and being able to pass and stop the ball on the gym floor smoothly, and then going outside in the grass and not being able to pass at all in the beginning.

Track and Field

If I were to participate on the Listowel Lightning Track and Field Team, I would choose to be on the throwing teams. I feel I would benefit from the throwing teams more because I am not a strong runner, and I'd rather do something I enjoy doing unlike the jumping sports.


Coming into football, I was set to thinking that it was easy, but little did I know, I really didn't know what I was doing. So if someone came to me that didn't know how to hut the ball, I would explain to them that they need to a.) Have their back to the quarterback. B.) Be in a squat position. C.) Make sure that when they hut the ball, to always throw it upwards, so the quarterback has a higher chance of catching the ball and not fumbling because it was too close to the ground.


I think that volleyball is such a big hit in grade nine girls because it is a great sport to play with friends, and because we all do the same amount of work, and is very hard to be left out. Not only is it a great way to learn teamwork skills, but it's also a lot of fun, where not all team sports are as enjoyable.

If one of my teammates was struggling with their volleyball skills and the came to me for help, I would tell them to focus on the ball more, and not to worry if the other girls are more advanced than you are. I would also show them different techniques that they could try.


I would prefer play singles( even though I'm not very good at it!) because it gave me the opportunity to test my skills. I enjoy playing doubles, although I feel as though sometimes it can turn into a tennis match styled game, where two people are consistently hitting to each other.


I think strong decision making skills will help me through my secondary school years because if I have my priorities straight, not be into drugs, and heavy drinking all the time, my grades will be where they need to be, and I won't be risking my health.

Advice To My Grade Nine Self

One of the most important pieces of advice that I received, was to be true to yourself. Although I believe that it's very important, l also know that it can be difficult to do. Once you are in high school, you realize how much you value yourself and your surroundings. Coming from experience, I know how much pressure a girl can feel in high school, but as long as you remember that the only person you need to impress is yourself, you can do anything!

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