Psychology Visits with Cardiff Metropolitan University

Who we are

My name is Dr Mirain Rhys and I'm a Psychology lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University. We have recently started collaborating with schools and colleges, which proved immensely popular last year. We offer a range of learning opportunities which can support your current curriculum, whilst providing students with a chance to explore possible higher education opportunities in the field of Psychology.

Psychology at Cardiff Met has been renowned for community engagement activities, for example we have a very successful outreach programme, and we invest heavily in providing our students with work placements in a wide variety of organisations. My aim for the near future is to develop a working partnership with yourselves by supporting your teaching of Psychology through providing you with extra resources and expertise from a wide-ranging knowledge base at the Department of Applied Psychology, at Cardiff Met.

We can offer Psychology sessions for Years 11, 12 and/ or 13 or equivalent college years both through the medium of English and Welsh. We can offer a variety of sessions and activities, which I have listed below – where the main aim is to provide students with an interactive learning experience relating to the benefits of understanding psychology and potentially following a Psychology degree.

What We Offer

1 hour/ 1 lesson with Y12 Psychology A-level students: students will be introduced to the subject of Psychology as a possibility for higher education study. We will expand on key ideas introduced in A-level curriculum by discussing how they can be applied to real life situations (and using real life examples based on expertise from Cardiff Met), based on the typical module structure of a Psychology degree. There will be a variety of fun and interactive activities for students to participate in, and a short presentation on the typical structure of University life (degree content over 3 years, social activities and career. prospects).

1 hour/ 1 lesson with Y11 GCSE (Psychology or any subject): students will be introduced to Psychology as a topic for A-level study, which will include information on possible careers if they are interested in studying for a Psychology degree. The session can be tailored to topics you are covering within your school curriculum, or to discuss any issues or topics that are relevant to your school at the time of visit. There will be a variety of fun and interactive ideas for students to participate in, and a short presentation on the benefits of studying Psychology at A-level and higher education levels.

A session as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate/ Weekly assembly/ Skills sessions: students will be introduced to key topics within the field of Psychology – based on discussions with Psychology staff at the school prior to my visit. There will be an interactive session for students to participate in a variety of fun and interactive ideas which will help them engage with their Welsh Bac projects. We can discuss data analysis, conducting research (where we use real life examples based on the students’ interests) and academic writhing skills (e.g. style, structure and referencing relating to Psychology).

Alternatively, we can work with you to create something which suits the needs of your students.

Examples of sessions from 2016/17 include research methods sessions which encompassed particular questions and activities to help students think about creating and answering their own research questions, and an interactive debate session on a choice of subjects, both of which relate to the corresponding Psychology exam papers for A-level.

Finer details

The sessions have been developed with input from experts in such fields as Forensic, Clinical, Health, Cognitive, Evolutionary and Education Psychology who teach at Cardiff Met, and who are also either currently, or have previously practiced within their field of expertise.

I will be conducting the sessions with pupils. My own research interests lie with the fields of education and bilingualism. I have been involved in evaluations of educational policies, research into bilingual education and am currently involved with developing Welsh language provision within the Psychology Department here at Cardiff Met as a way of providing transition for students from Welsh Medium education into English Medium higher education.

These sessions are offered free of charge and we aim to roll them out before the end of the 2017/18 academic year, with an aim of continuing the service on a frequent basis.

If you’re interested in participating, please get in touch over the phone or via email to arrange a visit or to discuss options further. (Contact details below)

Dr Mirain Rhys, Psychology Lecturer

Department of Applied Psychology, Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Tel: 02920 416892

E-Mail: mrhys@cardiffmet.ac.uk


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