GVU Center & Digital Media Research Showcase Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 GVU Center & Digital Media Research Showcase featured more than 100 projects in virtual reality, robotics, civic computing, information visualization and more. It is co-sponsored by the Digital Media Graduate Program and the Institute for People and Technology. Scroll down to learn more about a few highlights of the work presented by students in Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts programs.

Bridge Between Bodies

Pierce McBride, Master's Student in Digital Media

"Bridge Between Bodies" explores an alternate interface for video games and similar experiences, placing the user outside of the body they inhabit in the virtual space. Users can control three different kinds of puppets in this experience.

BellSouth Calendar Project

Brooke Bosley, Master's Student in Digital Media

Bosley's project consists of a series of three posters and an interactive map exploring an imagined future Atlanta that draws heavily on African influences and art. The work expands on a series of calendars published by BellSouth from 1984 to 1996 celebrating the contribution of African-Americans in Atlanta. Part of Bosley's exhibit will be on display at the APEX Museum in Atlanta.

One of the posters Bosley created for her project.

Wearable Carbon Footprint

Stephanie Dykes, Master's in Digital Media

Dykes' project examines how data visualization can be used to help guide discussions about important issues, such as climate change. "Bringing data visibly into the world can inform and bring attention to critical issues, as well as promote awareness and stimulate discussion about climate change through visualizing personal carbon footprint data on clothing." The sash she is wearing provides a color-coded pin with summary of her personal carbon footprint, "Above Average," as well as information about global and national averages and contributions from companies with which she does business.

Fallen Fairy

Lindsay Kelly, Nikhila Nyaopathy, Danielle Schechter, Master's students in Human Computer Interaction

Nikhila Nyaopathy, Lindsay Kelly, and Danielle Schechter

This project explores the ability of virtual reality to help relieve stress. It encouraging users to perform yoga-like stretches while immersed in a fantasy world infused with calming music.

Untangling the Perception of Sex Difference

Aditya Anupam, Horyun Song

This project is all about starting conversations. Given the 2014 decision by the National Institutes of Health to improve the sex balance of research subjects, this project asks, "How do we understand sex difference for sex-balanced pre-clinical research?" The web-based interactive tool allows the user to explore different points of view from various scientists and reproductive justice advocates.

Star Wars Escape

Kyeungbum Kim, Vi Nguyen, Chris Purdy, Ziyin Zhang

In this project, users are invited to explore a virtual reality space in a bid to escape from a Star Wars-themed prison cell. Part of the exercise is meant to explore compassion, as users can choose to escape with BB-8, or leave the droid behind.

Ma Liang and the Magic Brush

Phenix Tang, Hao Wu, Shengxi Wu

This project, inspired by a traditional Chinese fairy tale, encourages the user to take control of the virtual world by using handheld controllers to light a candle, keep a villain at bay, make a staircase magically appear, and finally to fly away to safety.

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