Weston hubnik

Blog Post 1

For my genius hour project i have decided to focus on bettering myself and my abilities when in comes to physical activity and aesthetics, all the while keeping my BMI at a level that i would want it to be at. This is important to me because working out and seeing the results both in the mirror and on the field was something i was once extremely passionate about and very proud of, for a good while now I have failed at keeping that up so i used this as just another motivation to get me back to where i want to be. My initial goal for this project is to get back in the gym every single day, while my measurable goal is to gain 15 pounds at the very least while keeping a clean diet and gaining that in muscle therefore my BMI stays the same while everything else goes up.

Blog Post 2

Since starting my genius hour project I have learned many things about my topic mostly having to do with preparing my meals in a organized manner so i know exactly what my caloric intake is compared to carbs proteins and fats. I have learned that getting back into the groove of working out on a daily basis takes quite a bit more mental effort than i anticipated but it it slowly becoming a part of my daily routine once again and to me that is the difficult part so after i get there the fun really begins. I researched meal prepping on bodybuilding.com reading their sponsored athletes articles on prepping food for every body type and goal. From here i will continue to record my daily weight and BMI weekly while eating right and working out like a mad man, well as much as i can until tracks over.. then mad man for real

Blog post 3

After this week i have learned that after eating a almost perfectly clean diet and exercising regularly overall i am much more awake during the day and sleep much better at night. Overall i just feel much more healthy than before. I have learned that eating clean costs a pretty penny compared to a meal at whataburger, which i find pretty funny that its that much easier to eat horribly to the point its also more affordable. This week i researched much more about supplements and how to cycle what with what so that when i begin to use those heavily i will know exactly whats going into my body and what to expect after doing so, from here i will continue to document this process and after state get back in the swing of things even harder that right now.

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