boy toy By: Barry Lyga ; Reviewed By: Jalynn Coleman

Mrs.this book is about the dark deception between a teacher and a student's lack of knowledge about the deep and revolting thoughts of MRS.Sherman . It entailed the dark feelings and emotions of the character and the process of how she maneuvered her way into his mind to make him do the sexual things she wanted to do and how it affected him. this book makes you think deeper and feel what the student, Josh, felt and the mental pain he went through. as a senior josh finds that mrs. Johnson comes out of jail and it talks about how he goes through finding out this information and what happens next.
I would recommend the book boy toy to any teen looking for an emotional and soulful emerging book. I personally love this book because it entails so much detail in each page . every page you can feel the emotion in every character . it makes you want to read more page after page due to the amazing wording and the enticing plot. the plot of the story entails josh's reactions and flashbacks to when every thing occurred and how she manipulated him. the way barry lyga shows all of the characters intentions a while still showing josh's reactions and mind set. this book is also very helpful to teens because this situation happens all the time to teens in America and it shows you how holding in your emotions won't help and why you need to talk about your experience.
The apples represent the teacher and how she seemed great in the beginning and toward the end she gets rotten like the apple. The desk represents her devious plan.

Mom told me that everything was fine, that I hadn't been in any danger. She had found me playing video games and ready to eat dinner , for Christ's sake! "he was having the time of his life" she said- Josh's mother, Boy Toy


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