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About Me

My name is Kacey Fleming and I am 14 years old. I like to be creative and try new things. I have many hobbies and enjoy sharing things with other people.


  • Sports
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Dogs
  • The Beach/Mountains
  • Sleeping
  • Snow


  • Procrastination
  • Sausage
  • Having bad grades
  • Being sad
Six Word Memoir
I chose my six word memoir because I feel that I really expresses me as a person. I like to choose my own path and follow my own dreams. Letting someone control your life holds you back, but being able to choose your own actions makes you create your own adventure.
Character Sketch


Her name was Acacia Ambrosine, she is a mysterious girl with a dark past that lives in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by the woods. In a town where everybody knows everybody there isn't many secrets. Acacia keeps to herself most of the time hiding behind her long red hair and big blues eyes that constantly stare at the floor. She sits in the back of the class wearing her ripped, black skinny jeans and a dark purple shirt. She hates this period because her friends aren't there to talk and make her laugh, so she sits in silence drifting off to thoughts of herself and family. She thinks of herself and that makes her brain turn. She can never see herself in the future as a success only as a failure. She wants to be something in life, do something that matters but she can't see herself being so successful. When she walks down the hall keeping to herself all she can hear is the other kids picking on her and saying things about her. She doesn't care though she has her friends that stand by her side and support her but she can never make herself happy or build up her confidence, only pull herself down and make her feel worse.

Sitting hunched over in the chair in the back of the class makes the teacher call attention to her. She knew it was coming because it's what teachers do, always ask question to the kids that aren't participating to help them become more engaged in the conversation. Acacia always answered in her low monotone voice and then continued to stare off into space at her seat. As she walks home she stares aimlessly at the ground like at any moment she could fall into it.. When she returns home her mother is still at work, she walks up the stair to her small bedroom that contains pictures of her family memories. She had multiple pictures that she had drawn on the wall portraits, mosaics, and more. Her room makes her remember the times when she was little and everything was easy. Pictures of her father hung from the wall reminding her that he would still be with her if he could. She wishes she could speak to him, hoping his words could help her in this hard time. Looking at these pictures brings some of the good memories back like when her father would take Acacia and her mom to the city to have dinner and walk around. Even though these pictures hold good memories they also hold the bad ones. Acacia has never been the same since the day the cops came into her home and took her father away.

The day her father was taken to prison was the worst day of her life, being a little girl and not knowing what was going on. She never knew why or what had happened only that the police came in the night and took her dad from her, that will always be the worst memory she will have of him. To them it was a normal day sitting around the house watching movies and eating various amounts of junk food. That is until the police barged through the door and pinned Acacia’s father to the floor and handcuffed him. At this point Acacia didn't know what was going on or what she was suppose to think, all she knew was that the look in her dad's eyes told her that she would not see him in a long time. She always thought that a man like her father couldn't do something bad. Ever since this event occurred Acacia has been this quiet girl who kept to herself, you would think after 10 years of her dad being in prison she would have been able to find a way to cope with this feeling of emptiness in her heart but she never did. She lives in a fantasy world where everything is perfect. She has the perfect life, house, and family or at least she wishes she did. Acacia is a lost girl who will never know how to find her way back to the world, her family, her friends, and reality.

Conflict Story

The Lie That Costed Me Everything

The words slipped off my tongue so naturally as I spoke to my mother. She never saw through my lies, I couldn't help it though it was too much of a habit. Even though I could fool my mother, my father was a different story. He was a police officer and could see through any lie and he always told my mother to not believe me and that I could not be trusted. I only get away with these lies because my father traveled a lot and was never home to catch me. As the years went on my mother started to catch on to my lies most of them she believed but she was able to catch the small ones. I never thought that telling one lie could risk my entire life.

It was a cold, windy day walking home from school in silence. When I walked in the house I looked at my phone and saw I had I text from my friend Ben. I saw that he had invited me to a party at his family's cabin in the woods a little bit away from the lake. I was always up for a party so I decided I was gonna go the only thing I had to worry about was my mom. My dad was away for the weekend traveling for work so I was going to tell my mom I was going to my friend Ben's house to study, that way if she was suspicious she could call Ben he would tell her I was there.

At 6:00 I told my mom I was leaving and made my way to Ben's house. When I arrived we got in the car and went to the store to pick up food for the party, Ben told me he knew people that were bringing other stuff. By the time we leave his house, go shopping, and make our way to the Cabin it is 8:00 but the party didn't start till 9:00. We are setting up tables for food and drinks and starting music, as everybody arrives neither Ben or I have received a call from my mom so I thought I was okay to party for the rest of the night and then return home. I was hoping that when I got home she would be asleep and sneezing upstairs would be no problem. As the bell from the front door started to ring and the groups of people started to flood into the house I couldn't stop having the odd feeling of being watched, every time I opened the door I would stand in it and peer out into the darkness of the night to see if there was anything there but continuously found nothing.

It is now midnight and the drinks I had were starting to set in and the feeling of being watched had worsened, I even feel like I have been seeing things in the window standing at the edge of the forest. I realized my mom still hasn't called to see how I was doing and when I would be returning home. I made my way through the crowds of dancing people pushing and shoving trying to keep my balance as well, thinking maybe the couple drinks I had that night was maybe to much. I found Ben standing in the kitchen talking to another friend. I tapped him on the shoulder and told him I should be heading home, he gave me the keys to his car and told me he would get a ride home and would get his car from my house in the morning.

As I made my way to the car tripping and struggling, I thought someone was following me stumbling faster I made it to the car and I sat inside. I called my mom even though it was midnight I knew she would answer because it was a school night and I had been out still. I find it funny how I thought she would be sleeping and not waiting for me to step through the door and then question me.

When she answered the first thing she said was, “Where are you? Do you know how late it is?”. Hearing how worried she was made me feel so much worse about lying but even then I couldn't come to tell her the truth.

I just sighed and tried to make my words sound as normal as possible as I told her yet another lie, “Sorry, Ben and I got caught up studying, I am on my way now”.

As I told her goodbyes I put the key in the ignition and started on my way home. The ride home was a struggle being so late at night it was dark, and being tired didn't help. I watched the road in front of me, I couldn't help but look to the side and see the figure I saw back at the cabin looking at me. Not paying attention I swerved to the side of the road not being able to stop the car, finally it tipped and started rolling down the road. Laying in the flipped car gasping for breath and in pain I see the figure disappear in thin air like it had never even been there. I felt my eyes close as I fall into an unawakening sleep when I realized I would never make it home.

My Choice for a Revision

I chose to revise The Lie That Costed Me Everything. I chose this because this conflict short story is a great example of what I like to do with my work. When I write I like to talk about dark things or go into a sad ending because it makes it easier to be more creative. I liked the idea that this conflict Story went into with the lying but as I read I could see the few mistakes I had made. By changing these mistakes I made my writing better and improved my writing skill. Some of the changes I made were to fix some grammatical errors and my dialogue section. Towards the end of my story I had to fix my point of view because it went from being first person to third. I also had to fix my time because I had the entire story taking place in the past tense but them towards the end it ended up in the present. Throughout the story I also added some more sentences that gave more detail towards the situation my character was in. Overall I feel that my short story was a great success and I like the way it turned out.


The pieces I have chosen demostrate my writing and voice because when I write I like to be creative and different. My writing style is different because I like to use different point of views and multiple different ideas. These represent who I am as an artist because I was able to put my own thought process into them. I created them from ideas that came to me and turned them into stories with ideas I came up with. My favorite part of writing is being able to write about what I want, I also find it easier for me to write short stories or narratives when they are about something I find interesting. I feel that I can be more free with my writing when I am not limited to what I am able to do. My experience in Creative Writing so far has been really valuable. Each day I come to creative Writing I am able to write freely and share my work with others. I can connect with my peers to hear their ideas and see what they like to write about. In this class every bodies work is accepted and your work doesn't get judged only critiqued and every time it is critiqued it helps my your work better and improve is so that it can go that extra step from good to great. When I first came into this class I was worried because I didn't know if my writing was enough to be shared with more than one person but as the class went on I have felt more comfortable with my work and that my peers have really helped me improve it. They give me good feedback and also helpful tips that help my writing flow better and overall sound nicer when you read it. I think Creative Writing is a fun class and if you are passionate about writing and like to write all the time then you will have fun in the class. The work may be time consuming at times but if you use the time you have wisely then it will seem like you have no work at all. I think the course is easy and challenging because it has different aspects of writing that you can find easy and challenging. I am good at writing short stories and even though I may have a style of writing that isn't my favorite I always have ways to think of ideas and make it easier for myself.


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