Hortobagy National Park pellissippi state community college variations ensemble in hungary - 2010

Welcome to Hortobagyi Nemzeti Park

It is Thursday night. We are now in Budpest. We woke up this morning in Debrecen to a light snowfall.

On the way from Debrecen to Budapest, we stopped for several hours at the Hortobagy (pronounced hore-toe-baj) National Park, which is a great Hungarian plains.

The land is called the Puszta (poos-ta), which means empty. The land is not good for agriculture but the large, flat expanses have already been used for animal grazing and herding.

Before the Hungarians, there were Serbian tribes in the area. The nomadic Hungarians arrived and used the long horn Gray cattle, which are very large and strong animals to pull their carts as they moved around. There are also horses and endangered twisted horn sheep in the area.

Highlights of our demonstration at the park
Riding the famous horses of Hortobagy

Our time at the Hortobagy included a guided tour through their nature center, a film and then a visit to a large area where we were treated to a demonstration of their cattle carts and a horse show.

We even got a chance to ride the horses.

A short ride in a horse drawn cart led us to horse and sheep barns and a visit to a pottery shed where the black clay and smoke of the kiln create unique black pottery that is known in the region.

Another carriage ride and we were treated to a goulash lunch by Sara Smith, who used to work in Dr. Edwards’ office at Pellissippi State.

Yum! Goulash!!
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