2016 Master Artist Fellow Final Round Nominees TAMARACK FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS


Hedgesville, West Virginia

"Lee has devoted his life to the craft of blacksmithing. He is a great blacksmith with awards from all over the country, not just West Virginia, and an exceptional businessman."

Foundation Fellowships Committee Member

Lee Badger



Big Bend, West Virginia

created in collaboration with Norm Sartorious

"This is a woman who has literally devoted her life to her art and to the passing on of art to others."

Nominator for Jude Binder

"Incredible work... She is a ball of creativity, and she is very devoted to the community. She changed the lives of countless young people."

Foundation Fellowships Committee Member

Jude Binder



Morgantown, West Virginia

"He has an unequaled, unified body of work encompassing all of the design principles I try to teach: contrast, value, symmetry, asymmetry, balance... You could write a book on design from his work."

Foundation Fellowships Committee Member

"Jeff has an extensive knowledge of the medium and has worked in various facets of ceramics from academia, studio art, to the production industry. Jeff is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and well respected crafters in his field."

Nominator for Jeff Greenham

Jeff Greenham


Huntington, West Virginia

"Peter is a prolific practitioner of the art of printmaking with a national and international reputation unmatched by any other printmaker in the state of West Virginia... [He] has made immeasurable contributions to the cultural identity of West Virginia through his role as a renowned educator at Marshall University, where he has influenced the lives of thousands of students."

Nominator for Peter Massing

Peter Massing


Baker, West Virginia

"It is immediately evident when one observes Robert's paintings that he is an accomplished artist - witnessed in his subtle technique, composition and the use of light. There is no doubt he is a master painter."

Nominator for Robert Singleton

Robert Singleton


The Tamarack Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit organization based in Charleston, West Virginia. The foundation builds the creative economy of West Virginia by encouraging artist entrepreneurship. Find out more about the Master Artist Fellowship and other programming at tamarackfoundation.org.

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