LaGuardia's ePortfolio Student Showcase An event for everyone at LaGuardia to learn about students' ePortfolio work across different disciplines.

Behind a great ePortfolio, there is a story of student success!

At the event, there will be different tables and intervals so that you can visit as many as you'd like.

It all starts at 12PM in E-242

Join a table to hear the stories from students and how their ePortfolios represent their personal and academic journeys. When you get a chance to ask something, here are some questions you can consider:

  • What was most meaningful to you about building your ePortfolio?
  • How does building your ePortfolio strengthen your digital skills?
  • How does your ePortfolio help you document your academic, career, and professional goals?
  • What skills did you need to put into practice to complete the assignment you are showcasing?
  • How does this assignment help you better understand content in this course? Does it help understand content from other courses? If so, how?



Amanda Seidner

Major: Liberal Arts Math & Science (and a current Student Success Mentor)

Deborah Field

Major: Occupational Therapy Assistant

Jen Sosa

Major: Therapeutic Recreation

Jesse Lliguichuzhca

Major: Childhood Education (and current Peer Advisor)

Kiara Luna was part of the Electra show produced by the Humanities Department Theatre Program directed by Professor Stefanie Sertich.

Kiara Luna

Major: Theatre (currently at Hunter College)

Latchmie Kundan

Major: Secondary Education

Melissa Gonzalez

Major: Physical Therapy Assistant

Shareef Alhanshaly

Major: Electrical Engineering (and current Peer Advisor)