Student Affairs Year in review 2016-2017

A Message from the Senior Vice President

Global Impact

One SpiRIT

One SpiRIT is an annual event designed to provide an opportunity for students from all RIT campuses to interact in real time using live streaming technology. This fall, the One SpiRIT event featured a gameshow style competition among teams from each of the RIT campuses. Two students were selected to represent each campuses and each site hosted a live viewing party for the larger community to share in the fun and cheer on the teams in this friendly competition.

Student Government Global Consortium

The Student Government Global Consortium provides an opportunity for student leaders representing the student government associations and administrative staff from RIT's global locations to meet to discuss the RIT student experience. This year, the Consortium was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with representatives from Croatia, Dubai, Kosovo, and Rochester. Topics of collaboration centered on increasing student engagement, promoting and supporting an inclusive campus environment, and increasing communication and collaboration.

RIT Women's Soccer Spent Spring Break in Costa Rica

The RIT Women's Soccer Team traveled to Costa Rica for seven days during RIT's spring break in March. The team spent time doing community service, engaging in team building activities, and immersing themselves in the Costa Rican culture.


“I thought, why not use the hockey platform to give back to the community and now being at RIT, giving back to the campus. I just try to get involved in everything that I do. It has been very important for me to give back to the RIT and Rochester community.” - Todd Skirving, WHEC News 10 NBC "Rochester Rocs" Volunteer of the Year


"International Student Services helped me as a student when I was impacted by the travel ban. I really felt the support from the school and saw how students felt knowing that there are people there to support them." - Nagress Hassani


Caitlin Diffenderfer took 36 Wellness courses during her career at RIT. - "Believe it or not, these courses have helped me get through my college years. These Wellness courses have helped me achieve a healthier lifestyle and I have developed many lasting friendships."
"I have been involved as a Supplemental Instruction leader for four years, hosting two hour-long student sessions each week. Speaking in front of a classroom of students helped me develop transversal skills to help me prepare for the future." - Chantel Charlebois


"Through my involvement in the Electronic Gaming Society club at RIT, I have made global connections, meeting professionals and other students who share my passion for online gaming. I learned through these interactions that it was possible to combine my passion and work, so I switched my major to Management Information Systems and hope to work in the eSports industry upon graduation." - Peter Lam
“From the moment that I came here during Orientation week, I was introduced to the amount of clubs and organizations that are on campus. I love RIT the most because it’s a really student driven university. You see students in offices, in clubs, and all across the board as the face of the university and…if you want to see change, the change starts with the students and what the students want.” - Harianne Hewitt



Giving to the Division of Student Affairs

Kovalsky-Carr Electric Supply Co. donates $50,000 in support of Into the ROC

"With the city of Rochester clearly experiencing a renewal of sorts, it is important to attract and inspire young talent and energy to stay in our city beyond their secondary education. This is good for our neighbors, our trading partners and of course it is good for us at Kovalsky-Carr, as we all do our part in making Rochester flower again."

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