Kathryn Walton honors dim 3

Project #1

In this project I leaned how to add stroke to text and layers. Also how to change the opacity level on the layers so you can see through some layers onto others. I learned how to make a cloud-like background using the foreground and background color, as well as the opaque feathered border to give the product and extra touch that makes it look cooler and more real.

Project #2

While making this collage project I learned how to add effects to the words that make them stand out more. Also how opacity to a word can really can make it pop out at someone. Layering the pictures and moving them up and down along the layer bar showed how to add contrast to the project. This project was fun to do because I got to express me and the things I love.

Project 3 Comic Strip

During this project I learned how to add filters to the photo and how to condense all the photos into one layer. I also learned how to create text bubbles and how to find different types of text bubbles. As well as laying at all the photos to look like a comic strip and add effects to look like a comic strip.

Tutorial 3

In this tutorial I used the clone stamp to recreate the pan in places it wasn't originally.

Tutorial 4

For this tutorial I used the healing brush tutorial to fix the up the picture.

Tutorial 2

I used the color replacement tool to change the color of swim cap from back to blue.

Tutorial 5 and 6

In this tutorial we used content aware fill and the quick selection tool to make people disappear from the photo. I also used the ruler tool to even out the photo to make it look straight and even.

Tutorial 8

For this tutorial we used the halftone tool and the text boxes. We adjusted the levels to give the picture a more comic book affect as well as the filters. Also adding drop shadows to different layers and text.

Project # 5

Not being able to use images from the internet proposed a challenge but using the new drawing tablets to draw my volt monster was fun and something way different than I had ever done before for a Photoshop project/Photoshop in general. I also downloaded some new lightning, trees, and brush/shrubs brushes to add the volt monster effect.

Project # 8

In this project I worked on using the selection tool to crop me out of the background and paste into a new background. It’s not perfect but I’m working on it and it is definitely improving from when I first began. I used my skills from the camera to take my picture for the project because I took a couple of other people's pictures so it was an interesting outlook to see how they were going about this project. Also, inserting and ejecting my SD card from the camera and plugged it into the computer. I used Adobe Bridge to edit my photo to brighten and enhance the picture to make it better. To make the cover look more like Vogue’s I used a font that i downloaded that looked identical to theirs. To make the bar code for the bottom of the magazine cover I used the rectangle elliptical tool to make the white box and then I just used the regular rectangle tool to make the black lines that make it an actual bar code. I just made a bunch of different lines and made them have different width and positioned them the way I wanted to. I liked messing around with the different fonts and seeing what looked really cool for the magazine cover. Next time I definitely need to read the directions thoroughly before starting because I got the canvas dimensions wrong and it ended up not being a huge issue but slightly stressful for being so close to the due time.

Project # 9

In this project I liked how I got to choose the genre and create a poster of what I thought of the title. I choose to do The Heart and I made mine a horror film because I saw a lot of potential to make the poster really cool for that specific title and genre. I used the selection tool to cut out the flower from its background and the same went for the hand holding the heart. I downloaded the fonts “Meltdown MF” and “Filth of Icarus” for the title to add and create different looks to make it sharp and edgy but also slightly like blood drips, just to make it all stand out. Another font downloaded was “The Defiler” to make the release date stand out and look a little more creepy as a horror film would. To make the movie tagline more intense I made the text 3D to really pop out of the background. It was fun to play and mess around with because it was my first time to use the 3D effect on the text in any project. I got to see how the different effects looked with my movie poster and I could create the exact way I wanted it to look with the tool that moved the 3D around. For the movie credits at the bottom I used the font called “Steel Tongs” and all i had to do then was type in random stuff and it ended looking exactly like a real movie poster credits. I added a blood brush from brusheezy to add a blood tint/ effect to make it look slightly like the blood had dripped from the heart to the flower and to add suspense to the movie poster. I like the creativeness of this project and how we had a lot of freedom on how we created the poster and how all the elements flowed together.

Semester Final Exam

For my final exam project I choose to do a scene by the sea with different aspects such as a cliff, a tower on some rocks, and even a bottle with a message in it. For the sea cove I added a layer mask to it and adjusted the hue to give the color a different effect and to bring out the blues in the picture. I used the quick selection tool to select/crop the cliff area, the bottle, and the rocks out of each of their backgrounds to add different effects to the final product. I liked adding different blend modes to the layers to see how they changed and fit the scene. For the rocks I used the “Darken” blend mode and it totally changed the way the rocks looked but it made them fit so perfectly in the scene. Also for the bottle I used the mode “Multiply” to make the bottle a little more transparent, making it blend in better with sand and making it seem like it might have been there for a while. Which created an older, more worn out look to it. I used the blend mode on one more layer and that was on the “Cove” layer and I used the “Linear Burn” mode to make the colors pop out more. It was fun to play around with all the different modes and see how they worked with my vision for the final project. To the text/title I added one layer effect, I ended up adding the “Inner Glow” which made the title glow/stand out against the blues and the browns of the background. For this project I enjoyed getting to mess around with all the different effects that photoshops offers. I like getting artistic and creativity freedom and being able to do what I want with my project because it allows my projects to be different from others and I can change whatever and do whatever with the project.

This is the money I created for my country "Desertia'

This is my coffee company and logo that I created using Illustrator and symbols

This is the tutorial I did before the coffee cup/logo

This was playing around with gradient and different color schemes

This was a tutorial we did using lines and gradients

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