Purdy and Friends enjoying some of the Activities at IDBTC

Before we show you around we thought you would like to meet the IDBTC Team Clare Steel and Karen Holmes and a few their dogs

Clare Steel with Newfie Reggie, Milo the Cocker and Micky the Spring. Karen Holmes the Russian Black Yogi, Italian Spinoni Enzo and Pumi Berti.

We hope you enjoy our photo tour looking at of some of the varied activities that we have been involved in, along with some of our other canine friends. These activities take place throughout the year. There is so much happening that it would take too long to go though each one but we hope this gives a flavour of what you can be involved in

If your interested and would like to join the fun, for more information touch the button below to go to the


Email bookings@idbtc.co.uk

2016 Saw the opening of our activity trail, my friends and I love it. We can't wait to see how it will develop over 2018.
I could only think of sitting in it
Here are some of our other friends trying it out
This is called Rally or Rally Obedience, it's great too as our owners have to do most of the work, it is like a cross between Obedience and Show jumping.

The owner walks the round before we do our round together and has to remember the course it's all numbered so you would think they would find it easy but just look at the concentration on their faces. We dogs on the other hand are very relaxed. As you can see any dog can get involved

Rally also is different from obedience because you earn qualifying marks, so you can advance through the classes even if you are not in the rosettes, but earn enough points, why dont you give it a go.

Who said little dogs can't jump
Meg showing that even a timid rescue dog can enjoy rally
Size is no object
Some our Friends chilling during some of the courses they tired us out but we loved it. The following pictures show you why we are having a chill time.
Every year there are a range of summerActivity weeks, it gives me a chance to hand over the Photography and get involved
There are three main summer camps, Obedience week which is aimed at those competeing or about to compete. Clicker week which is exactly that a whole week of Clicker training which we Dogs enjoy as much as the owners. Finally Activity week which is my favourite it’s a chance to try all sorts of doggy activities.
2018 brings some new activities to try Introduction to rallyfree & freestyle Workshop, Canine Parkour Workshop, Agility & activity trail & hoopers hoops Workshop, treiball nosework and Friday K9 Adventure Challenge. I cannot wait.
Some of our friends doing their thing during the last year, so many friends so many activities and not enough space to show you them all

Finally there are quite a few new activities this year like Gundog training and Agility along with many other courses to share with your human. Remind them it’s the Year of the Dog and come and join us.

Your human can also gain IDBTC Awards and Certificates which though seem to me to be pieces of paper, however the owners seem very proud of them

If you think you or your human would like to join in the fun and learn lots of useful skills along the way drop Clare an email at “bookings@idbtc.co.uk or click the button to look at the website
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