CRISPR Hammer studies

What is Crispr?

CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. It can edit parts of DNA where viruses are. By doing this it uses CAS9 to remove the virus and put CRISPR into the DNA sequence to get rid of the virus. People have used this to remove HIV in 48% of the body of an animal. It can be used to cure many diseases and even be used as an anti aging device.

How is it useful?

CRISPR is useful because it can cure many diseases. It can get rid of cancer, HIV, genetic diseases, it can decrease the process of aging, and get rid of diseases like down syndrome. Crispr also will improve the overall health and well-being of humans, making it an extremely helpful and life-changing substance. Crispr may also be used to make babies with coveted traits, although this use is more scientifically challenging and less important.

Should it be used and why?

Yes, it should be used. I think it should be used because it can make people live longer and get rid of many diseases. It can also get rid of genetic problems like down-syndrome. It can also make designer babies. This means that you could have your baby look any way you want it to.

Why is it interesting?

CRISPR is interesting because it can cure many diseases that we have never been able to cure just slow down. It could also make designer babies. This is interesting because now you can choose how you want your baby to look like. It can cure diseases like HIV, which we have never been able to cure and cancer which could now get rid of cancer all together. CRISPR is a life changing product that will help people live longer.

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