Gary walters '67 pvc awards banquet celebrating the princeton athletics' class of 2019

Jadwin Gym - May 30, 2019

Tiger alumni, families, coaches, staff and friends across the Princeton community came together to celebrate Princeton Athletics and the Great Class of 2019.

Best of the Orange Carpet

Annabeth Donovan '19, Casey Swezey '19 and Elise Wong '19 of Princeton field hockey (left to right) with Orange Carpet host, Noah Savage '08
Myles Stephens '19, assistant coach Jonathan Jones and Elias Berbari '19 of Princeton men's basketball
Ivy League Commissioner Robin Harris
Class of 2019 - 52 League Championships

Princeton Athletics Class of 2019

Class of 1967 PVC Citizen-Athlete Award

Presented by the Princeton Varsity Club for selfless and noble contributions to sport and society.
Chris Young '02, recipient of the 2019 Class of '67 PVC Citizen-Athlete Award
"Graduating from Princeton raises the standard of excellence for everything you do in life" (Chris Young '02)

Marvin Bressler Award

Awarded to that member of the Princeton family who, through heartfelt support of the University’s student-athletes and coaches, best embodies a belief in the lifelong lessons taught by competition and athletics as a complement to the overall educational mission. Awarded in the spirit of Marvin Bressler, professor of sociology, 1963-94.
Karen Jezierny, recipient of the 2019 Marvin Bressler Award
Karen has served as an Athletic Fellow for women's basketball (pictured above) and women's soccer for the past 12+ years.

Art Lane '34 Award

Awarded to an undergraduate athlete(s) in recognition of his or her selfless contribution to sport and society. The award is given in memory of Art Lane ’34 by friends and family.
Art Lane '34 Award recipient, Sydney Jordan '19 (basketball)
Art Lane '34 Award recipients, Carly Bonnet '19 (track & field) and Kurt Holuba '19 (football)
Art Lane '34 Award recipient, Ryan Wilson '19 (water polo)

Class of 1916 cup

Awarded each year to the Princeton varsity letterwinner who continuing in competition in his or her senior year achieved at graduation the highest academic standing. Given by the Class of 1916 on the occasion of its 50th reunion.

Lorin Maurer h78 Award

Awarded to that member of the Princeton Athletics family who best reflects the passion, dedication and infectious enthusiasm that defined Lorin Maurer’s character and her inspiring impact on colleagues and friends.
The award is presented in the memory of Lorin Maurer h78, 1978-2009.
"Achievement for me was just trying to have an impact on those around me in any way that I could" (Sydney Jordan '19, basketball)

C. Otto von Kienbusch Award

Awarded annually to a Princeton senior woman of high scholastic rank who has demonstrated general proficiency in athletics and the qualities of a true sportswoman. Presented in memory of C. Otto von Kienbusch ’06, friend and benefactor of women’s athletics at Princeton.
von Kienbusch Award finalists Elise Wong '19 (left) and Sophia Tornetta '19 (right) of Princeton field hockey
von Kienbusch Award finalist Elizabeth George '19 (lacrosse)
von Kienbusch Award finalist Mimi Asom '19 (soccer) and family
Congratulations to all von Kienbusch Award finalists, including Mimi Asom (soccer), Elizabeth George (lacrosse), Emily Kallfelz (open rowing), Sophia Tornetta (field hockey), Elise Wong (field hockey) and Claire Collins (open rowing; award recipient)

William Winston Roper Trophy

Awarded annually to a Princeton senior man of high scholastic rank and outstanding qualities of sportsmanship and general proficiency in athletics. Presented by Mrs. William W. Roper and the Class of 1902.
Roper Trophy finalists Max Veronneau '19 (left) and Ryan Kuffner '19 (right) of Princeton hockey
Roper Trophy finalist Adam Kelly '19 (track & field; far right), with teammates Andrew Diehl '19, Jeremy Spiezio '19 and the William M. Weaver Jr. '34 head coach of men's track & field, Fred Samara
Congratulations to all Roper Trophy finalists, including Jesper Horsted (football/baseball), Adam Kelly (track & field), Ryan Kuffner (ice hockey), Myles Stephens (basketball), Max Veronneau (ice hockey) and John Lovett (football; award recipient)

Princeton Varsity Letter Sweater

The Princeton Varsity Club is proud to provide every graduating letter winner a varsity letter sweater. Thank you to our generous letter sweater sponsors that help make this tradition possible.
Old Nassau


Photos from Beverly Schaefer & Shelley Szwast

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