Slavery In Modern Day U.S by:sarah greenspan

Slavery Is still around all over the world.Its a constantly growing problem that we may never be able to stop.As the population grows its harder to keep track of who may be a victim.

there is a "Estimates range between 21-32 million slaves.'' Says, slavery/ facts-about-modern-day-slavery/

Slavery still exist In modern day.There are many ways people are trying to protest against slavery.Some by donating to Anti-slavery organizations,joining a Anti-slavery organization,or participating in a anti slavery organization.or participating in a protest

The ways people "obtain slaves" is vary different from how it was a long time ago.Now In days the most common way of being more valuable to It, Is having a lower self steam.
Even though everyone could be a victim of slavery there Is a target group which Is Females around teenage years.This is because around this age especially for girls Self-esteem usually drops.
One of the most popular forms of slavery Is Domestic Servitude which is forced labor in a house.This takes about 27% of the slave population

But at the end of the day Slavery is a constant growing issue that we might no be able to stop


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