Oakfield News Issue 61 5th June 2020

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Note from our Head

On this day, 5th June, various notable events have occurred in history, including the following:

  • · In 1718, Thomas Chippendale, the cabinetmaker and furniture designer, was born in Otley, North Yorkshire
  • · 1819 saw the birth of John Couch Adams, the English mathematician and astronomer who discovered the planet Neptune
  • · In 1944 a café in the town of Benouville was the first place in France to be liberated from German occupation in advance of the D-Day landings the following morning
  • · In 1972 the funeral of the former King Edward VIII took place in Windsor
  • · 2012 saw this day declared a Bank Holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Today, 5th June 2020, will see Oakfield children showing outstanding character qualities of resilience, optimism, independence and positivity as they engage with their teachers and their learning, whether remotely or in school.

Today, 5th June 2020, will see Oakfield parents dealing magnificently with all the different roles and demands that are being made of them at the moment as they continue to support their children and Oakfield in either the home environment or by bringing them back into school.

Today, 5th June 2020, will see Oakfield staff continuing to inspire, encourage, nurture and support children with their exceptional dedication, energy and creativity in these unprecedented times. I am in awe of what they do every day.

This is a day to recognise and appreciate everything that is taking place in our school family – all the achievements, large and small that help us to keep going and stay strong, even on the days when life is tough and may feel overwhelming. I am so very proud of us all and how we are pulling together as the term continues. It has been truly wonderful to see the school start to come to life again as some year groups have returned this week, and I hope we can look forward to the day soon when this will be extended to more of the children.

Wishing you all happy and restful weekends

Moyra Thompson

Note from our Head Girl

Lockdown and me

Hi, I am Marnnasha, I'm 11 and at the moment I am staying at home with my family. We are caught up by lockdown rules.

‘Covid 19’ changed not only my life, but also every single person’s life in the country and across the planet. My day to day life has changed drastically.

I learned to cycle. I spent more time with my family. Although we have isolated physically, I have found other ways to be in contact with relatives and friends.

This is a good opportunity and eye opener for me. With the new technology, I started to think that nothing is impossible, all we need is to try and try.

I wish, if I had grown little more, that I could have gone out to help someone who really needed a little extra help.

I think everyone going to talk and spend more time on personal hygiene.

I started to think not just about me; it is important to think about others, our environment and the entire world. If we all do our bit, the world could be a better place.

Message from Early Years

Dear Early Years parents,

It has been the most heart warming week in Pre-Prep.

To hear the laughter of your children and see their happy, smiling faces in school this week has been so special.

We have all been through a difficult time with the gloomy pandemic, but the lives of staff and children at Oakfield have been brightened with the smiles and conversations we have been able to share every day.

It has been so lovely to see the children in their own clothes, playing in the sunshine in their safe bubbles. We have all been amazed by how well the children have adapted to being back in the school environment, as we've had the children come into school so happily!

Before our return to school, various school staff have worked hard to make the school environment a safe, clean and healthy place for everyone. The teachers have prepared to provide stimulating lessons in small, supervised groups. This has been supported by the conversations you have had with your children about the expectations at school, and has had a positive impact.

Our open discussions, stories and activities around coronavirus has helped everyone deal with the emotions of loneliness, fear, anxiety, confusion and uncertainty that children may have felt during this unusual time. With lots of opportunity to discuss feelings and share ideas, we feel confident that the wellbeing and emotional aspect of our return to school has been addressed in a positive way.

In my talks with staff, it seems apparent that the children have returned to school a little more mature and yearning for school life. In my talks with children, they have made me smile with their wise words:

"If we wash our hands, we kill the virus!" Maximus

"I wish coronavirus would just go away, so I can go to Spain to see my friends in the holidays." Etta

"Is coronavirus going to go away soon?" Tambari

"Keep your distance!" Hector

I would like to thank you all for your help in maintaining positivity, online learning and a great relationship with our school. We have had lots of positive feedback from parents and we are very grateful for the contributions parents have made to ensure the lockdown period remained stimulating and fun for the children through our online learning platform. For those still learning through activities at home, we are still providing all our resources online as before, along with regular chats to ensure we stay in touch through Teams.

Throughout next week, we would like to have all our school READING AND LIBRARY BOOKS returned into a drop box at the front door step of the Pre-Prep.

We would like to update our reading records and ensure books are once again available for others to share once safe to do so, so please go on a book hunt round the home and pop the books into your child's reading folder for a safe return to school from Monday 8th to Friday 13th June.

Thank you to the parents who have submitted comments to be included in their child's report - if you have not yet done this, please send your responses to teachers via email by Monday 8th June at the very latest.

Please remain vigilant about the health and safety of everyone.

  • Regularly check your child's temperature.
  • Keep washing hands often as we do in school.
  • Stay within your own safe bubble and keep your distance, so that we can all remain safe and well.

Below is a little clip of the children happily social distancing and singing together in an Upper Foundation classroom.

With kind regards and best wishes for continued good health,

Wendy Nicholson, Early Years Foundation Stage Lead


Socially distant fun in the sun


It has been a whirlwind return to school this week and we are so delighted to see most of the children again. For those who have decided to remain at home, we send you our warmest wishes and we miss you very much. It has been a great success returning to school and the children are coping brilliantly with the new measures set out for their safety. They have come in every day happy and eager to learn and are very helpful, supporting us to clean their classrooms and reminding their friends to maintain appropriate distance. The 'bubbles' are working very well and the warmer weather has enabled us to do much of our learning outside. We have worked on the 'u-e' sound, talked about ordinal numbers and positional language and have written thought bubbles for the characters in the The Gingerbread Man and rather impressive 'Wanted' Posters for the sneaky wolf.

We are so proud of Archie Liard, who took it upon himself before the return to school to write a 'Get Well Soon' card to the Prime Minister when he was admitted to hospital with the Coronavirus. He received a response back in the form of a lovely card thanking him for his well wishes and was naturally delighted.

Thank you to the parents for being so understanding with the new drop off and collection measures; they seem to be working and it has been smooth sailing each day.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend after this very busy first week back!

The Upper Foundation Team

#OakfieldAtHome Wonders

Year 1

Dear Parents

It was wonderful to see so many happy, excited and eager Year 1 children enter the gate on Monday morning! As the excitement dissipated it was back to work as though they had never been away. Thank you to the children at home who put in the hard work too!

Even though our Team Calls were in a different environment, by having children in the classroom and at home, it was great to have everyone together sharing and chatting.

We concluded our Roald Dahl theme with Matilda this week. It has been lovely to see how the children’s writing has developed over the weeks, especially when writing character descriptions. The children are remembering to include varied punctuation, adjectives and some adverbs too.

In Topic the theme of family history continued, and we looked at the Royal family and their descendants.

In Mathematics the children continued to work with shape learning the properties of a heptagon, decagon and nonagon.

Microsoft Teams meeting week 7:

Wednesday 10th June 11:15am

The Year One Team

Great creativity on show!
To float or not to float?

Year 2

In Art this week Year 2 have been using paper plates creatively to make animals thinking about different colours and shapes.

Courtesy of Aarya, Deniz and Iris and Olive

Before half term Year 2 were asked to do a Maths lesson about 3D shapes and if they roll or not. Michael did the awesome video below

Year 3

All Villa, No Filla

Year 3 were asked to design their own Roman Villa and create an advert for it. This is from James.

Iceni see you have a point...

Power of the Voice

Year 5

Liam Black's capacity investigation worthy of an ROH
As was this from Alex S!
Year 5 have also been designing their own pop up stall

Year 6


An amazing project from Tess in 6JW
Ella produced these brilliant spore prints as part of her scientific assignment: Evolution of life


Sketching Challenge: Become a Painting

We have had some great entries into The Creativity Cup Challenge but we want more! Just as a reminder to join in you need to recreate a famous artwork, it could be a painting, print, drawing or a sculpture, take a photo of it and send it into the gallery.

Please make sure you send a copy of the original piece along with your own submission, name and class, to go into the gallery - see some amazing pieces below!

Mrs Fidler

No ears were cut during the making of this artwork
Magritte and determination shown to pull this one off
Lucky it's asparagus season
Cats were more into reading in the past it seems!

Birthdays, House Points and Talent Show

This week's birthdays are:

  • 1st Samuel 5NA
  • 2nd Charles 5AZ, Sophie UFWN, Raphael LFLC
  • 6th Daniel UFSP

House Points are as follows:

  • Baird -10,542
  • Pearsall -10,825
  • Ruskin - 10,088
  • Webster - 10,185

And a reminder that we want pupils to put themselves forward for this year's Oakfield's Got Talent. Pearsall captains have said 'Pearsall needs you and your amazing talents to help us win, we may be in lockdown but that won't stop us!'. So get involved!

Roll of Honour

Alex S (5NA) - Maths

Liam (5NA) - Capacity

Tess (6JW) - Science


Created with images by Kumiko SHIMIZU - "untitled image" • ROBIN WORRALL - "Vintage Prefect badge on old school uniform" • Tim Bennett - "untitled image" • Masaaki Komori - "untitled image" • Tim Bennett - "untitled image" • Jared Rice - "A palm located in Nassau, Bahamas" • Aziz Acharki - "untitled image" • Virginia Choy - "The Roman Baths" • Wayne M. - "Multicoloured Bunting" • Giorgio Trovato - "untitled image" • @plqml // felipe pelaquim - "untitled image" • Nikhita Singhal - "Birthday cake" • 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum - "untitled image"