HEALTH Hybrid Online


This course will emphasize the themes of health literacy and decision making skills. The unifying ideas included are, “Acceptance of personal respect for lifelong health, respect for and promotion of the health of others, and an understanding of the process of growth and development.” Students will focus on making healthy choices, personal safety, mental and emotional health, social and family health, nutrition and fitness, diseases and disorders, prevention of substance abuse, and family life education.

Why I Signed-Up for Hybrid Online Health?

Skills Focused on:

  • Accessing Valid and Reliable information, Products and Services
  • Analyzing influences
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Decision making
  • Goal-setting
  • Self-management
  • Advocacy

Class Expectations:

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As you read below what is required, don't forget to check out the what last semester's class had to say about health.

Who should take health?

Everyone! Your health is the most important thing you have. Health Science is HBUHSD graduation requirement :).

Hybrid vs. Traditional

The main difference between the traditional and hybrid health is when and where coursework is completed. In the hybrid setting, the majority of work will be done off campus and independently rather than during a block period.

The amount of work and course topics are virtually identical. Students in the hybrid class should plan on spending about 3-5 hours per week on class assignments in addition to one face-to-face class per week. Face-to-face class will be held zero period *Monday and thursdays. *Class meetings will be on mondays and thursdays but can be moved to another day due to speakers, school activities and holidays. Make sure to sign-up for our class remind 101 for reminders.

Make sure to sign-up for remind 101 below:

Watch out for...

  • Procrastination
  • Lack of communication. Don't understand? Ask for help.

Tips for Success!

  • Carefully plan your time. Time-management is key!
  • Start projects early so if you need help you have plenty of time to ask ?'s :).
  • Set time aside everyday to work on the class
  • Log into canvas regularly my.hbuhsd.edu
  • Check your phone/email for remind 101 messages
"Communication- the human connection- is the key to personal and career success" ~Paul J. Meyer

How to communicate in canvas?

Office Hours: (Room #107)

  • Before school 7:45 am- 7:55 am*
  • After school upon request*
  • Tutorial (last 15 mins of class). Modified Monday's has no tutorial time.

*=message me so we can arrange a longer time to meet up (inbox me in canvas, email kohara@hbuhsd.edu). Sometimes I have meetings before & after school, etc.

Virtual Office Hours

  • I will check my email and remind 101 app multiple times during the day. Once in the morning around 7:30 am, noon and at 5 pm everyday Mon-Fri. Ask questions if you need help :)


Assignments, readings, discussions, small projects and quizzes are given in a module per week so students have the flexibility for when they want to work within the week. The week starts on Monday and ends on Friday midnight. Students will take a quick quiz or submit a small project by Friday midnight. Saturday will be everyone's day off! Work for the following week will be published on Sunday in the weeks module if one wants to get ahead for the following week. Students should plan on approximately= 3-5 hours of independent work online outside of our face-to-face meetings.


We will be using our chromebooks in place of a textbook. There is a wealth of online resources and databases we will use throughout the semester for our health class.


Students should come to class with their chromebooks fully charged and to be ready to use in class everyday

Standards Based Grading

Students will be assessed to determine the level of competency shown in each of the eight National Health Education Standards. The results of these assessments will determine the grade earned in this course. Many assignments and activities will be used to practice the skills necessary to show proficiency in the standards. However, these practice activities may or may not be calculated into the total grade. Instead, a record will be kept inside our LMS Canvas with feedback on how to improve in order to meet the standard(s).

National Health Education Standards #1-8

Standard 1: Health Concept Comprehension (Functional Knowledge)

Standard 2: Analyzing Influences on Health Behaviors

Standard 3: Accessing and Analyzing Valid Health Information

Standard 4: Interpersonal Communication Skills to Enhance Health

Standard 5: Decision Making Skills to Enhance Health

Standard 6: Goal Setting Skills to Enhance Health

Standard 7: Practicing Health Enhancing Behaviors

Standard 8: Advocating for Personal, Family, or Community Health

Grading Scale

A = 90 – 100% B = 80 – 89%, C = 70-79%, D = 60 – 69%, and F is 59% or less.

Speakers (TBA):

Healthy Relationships- Human Options -2/28/20

OC Dept of Health-Vaping Prevention Presentation-2/26/20

Sex Education-Alta Med (Gender & Sexuality, Contraceptive Lab), Kaiser Permanente STI Theater Performance 5/27/20 & Beacon of Light

Late or Missing Assignments

Students are expected to submit work and participate in the discussions according to the set due dates and times. Would your future employer someday be ok with projects turned in late?

IEP/504 Plan

Anyone who feels they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me by email or before and/or after class to arrange such accommodations. Communications about accommodations are, as always, confidential. If you have further questions or concerns about your accommodations, please contact your case manager.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is vital in all forms of learning. It is essential that online HBUHSD students model all proper and legal aspects of academic integrity. All assignments submitted must be the work of your own mind. The use of outside sources must be properly cited in APA format.

Contact me:

Kimberly Ohara


714-848-0656 ext. 4107


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