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Kelly Denton- kdentsxo- 41- Journey Log #8- Ranger- Engagement

Contrary to the title of this, I'm not going to be talking about this cute little nugget born to two of the most famous celebrities in the world. However, I have spent a little bit of time thinking about Saints lately.

I can't tell ya how many people I know who have this necklace or one incredibly similar. Saint Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travel and is said to keep people safe so small images are worn on jewelry or placed in cars. Its highly disputed if Christopher ever actually existed however he is recognized by several Christian denominations. Now, I'm not particularly religious so I hardly know anything about Saints. I couldn't even tell you if my specific denomination recognizes Saints or Christopher specifically.

I don't get freaked out by planes or traveling to new places but this summer, I'm taking my first ever trip abroad. My sister and I are flying out of Philadelphia on May 7th to spend a whole ten days in Spain. We're lucky enough to be able to spend our time in both Madrid and Barcelona. I've never been on a plane longer than about four hours so to be honest, I'm a little freaked out (not to mention the complete language barrier once I get to Spain).

Who wouldn't want to have a Saint looking over you when traveling across the open ocean? But then again, pilots need a bachelor's degree plus upwards of 1,500 hours of flight experience BEFORE being qualified as a pilot. That plus all of their previous flights, I'd almost argue that having a pilot on your side is pretty freaking good too.

Take Chesley Sullenberger for example. Everyone knows that this guy could be considered a hero. That man saved all 155 people on board his flight when he did an emergency landing in the Hudson river. I wouldn't mind traveling the entire world with that guy flying the plane.

Ya know what. Maybe I don't need a Saint or a hero after all. Maybe its possible that all I need to be able to go on this trip without any single reservation is just a friend or better yet, a sister. Because in all honesty, a sibling might be God's greatest gift.

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