Dred Scott is an African American Slave. Dred Scott Lived In Missouri which is a slave state. In The 1830s, His Owner Moved To Illinois which is a free state. Later on with Scott his owner took Dred back to Illinois. With a small recap, Dred Scott was an illegal slave when he was in Illinois.

Dred Scott wanted to sue for freedom. In 1846 antislavery lawyers helped him. Scott claimed he should be free cause he lived in areas where slavery was illegal. About eleven years later, the case reached the supreme court. The case gave the Court a chance to rule on the question of slavery itself.

Cheif Justice Roger B. Taney wrote the Court's opinion. He wrote that Dred Scott was an enslaved person so he is not a citizen and had no right to bring a lawsuit. He also wrote living on free soil does not make you free, a slave is property and The Fifth Amendment prohibited the taking of property without due process.

The courts decision up help many white southerns and made them believe nothing could legally stop slavery. Many republicans and other antislavery groups were outraged. They called the decision "wicked and a false judgement", and "The greatest crime" ever committed in the nation's courts.

African Americans were not and could never be citizens of the United States; and that the Missouri Compromise (1820), which had declared free all territories west of Missouri and north of latitude 36'30′, was unconstitutional. So the decision that the court made added fuel to the sectional controversy and pushed the country closer to civil war.

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