Tour of the Harn Museum By: akia GABBIDON

Medium/ Technique :

Medium/ Technique: "Night Light"

The piece, "Night Light" by Yvonne Jacquette, displays a top corner view of the bustling nighttime life of a New York City street, in the late 1960s, with the use of vivid colors and relatively thick brush strokes, she evokes an energetic feeling. Seeing the artwork in person allowed me to understand what the artist saw through her eyes, of the what New York City life was like for her. The rush of the taxi cabs, the bright beams of light shining through each billboard, and the people setting up for the activities that are about to begin as while the night is just starting. Yvonne saw the city at its most purest form and through observing the artwork face to face, I now see what her "night light" was while walking through the streets of the city in her time and seeing that not much has changed for the city has allowed me to appreciate what Yvonne was trying to portray. The medium of the artwork is what I found the most striking and appealing to me because each stroke of paint adds a certain texture to the painting which allows the artwork to really come to life and to me, communicated that times have not changed very much when it comes to New York City; that New York City will always be a timeless and everlasting city in the world. The painting gave me the feeling of hope and optimism for the future to come.

Design of the Museum:

Design of the Museum: David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing: Large Top Left :Me outside the Asian Art Wing; Small Top Left and Small Top Right: Me outside in the Water Garden; Medium Top: Me with the "Neriage Otsubo"; Large Middle Left: Me standing with the "Ouran 2"; Large Middle Right: Me with the "Kyoto Wave"; Medium Bottom Left: The sign for the Rock Garden; Medium Bottom Right: Me standing outside in the Rock Garden

The David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing was the most breathtaking and soothing part of the gallery where numerous pieces of art glimmered off of the sunlight that had shone through the Water Garden, which featured a nice walkway around a Koi pond, passing next to the small waterfall, towards the back of the exhibit. The Water Garden was a nice finishing touch to add adjacent to the very zen Rock Garden out on patio setting covered by some shade and the rocks placed just in the right spot to fill the scene. The layout of the exhibit featured numerous beautiful artifacts that had so much color, texture, detail, and creativity. The exhibit made me feel at peace with myself and the rest of the world. I felt as though every piece of art was featured just right and nothing was out of place.

Art and Core Values: Frida Khalo

Art and Core Values: Frida Khalo

(The picture is of me standing next to the self portrait of Frida Khalo)

Frida Khalo's self portrait appealed to my core value of independence and strength. This portrait is of a young Frida Khalo, in front of floral background, with her hair braided at the top of her head and clothed, sitting down in a long black dress. She wears this serious yet comforting look on her face that is so powerful. I found that by looking at her portrait, that she held this kind of strength within in herself which kept her strong and confidant. She holds her chin up not afraid of the world or the judgments that surround it; she is just allowing herself to be open with who she is, which is what this portrait has allowed me to explore and appreciate from that core value. This portrait makes me feel brave and confident, allowing me to believe and understand that I can do anythingj that I have faith in myself to do as long as I follow my own path and not let criticism stand in my way.

Art and The Good Life:

Art and Good Life: "Bicycles" by Stuart Robert Purser

"Bicycles" by Stuart Robert Purser displays the essence of the "Good Life" because of how simple and carefree that the cyclists are, riding away freely through the grass while just enjoying the day. Not many cares about tomorrow, these cyclists are able to roam. The painting emphasizes the "Good Life" theme "Embodying the Good Life" because the painting shows a time of joy and love for the feeling of just being outside. Purser wanted to show a scene that displayed the "carefree scenes of everyday life". This scene is able communicate this Good Life theme through its cheerful nature of just being able to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. This painting has allowed me to appreciate this theme more because of its ability to just describe the Good Life in such a simplistic way.

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