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Hello , My names Dianni Almonte yes i know you're probably thinking this is boring next but actually if you take some time to read some more you might find me more interesting than u think . Anyways i was always searching for my talent throughout my middle school years but never seemed to find it . At first i thought i could sing in 7 grade but when i found out i couldn't hit a high note in the shower i stopped singing after awhile. But then in 8 grade i thought i could draw yes i know actually draw like who was i playing i knew i couldn't draw for my life if the only thing i could draw was a stick with a head on it with eyes and a dot that was suppose to be a nose but ended up just looking like a plain dot on a plain circle instead of what it was really suppose to be so i stopped drawling but then one day i stopped looking for my talent , that one day it just came to me . One day i grabbed a pen and a notebook and started writing about anything and everything the next minute i looked i had a whole paragraph it felt like i couldn't stop writing only i had to because my hands were hurting so badly from all the writing i had done and now i am a sophomore and i still write and will continue to write hope you enjoyed this little story and hope it will inspire you to find you're own talent the way i found mine .


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