My Favorite Saint: Saint Lucia By: Riley WatErs

Saint Lucia, also know as Santa LucĂ­a or Saint Lucy, is the patron Saint of blindness and the poor. Her feast day is December 13. She was born in 283 AD in Syracuse, Italy and she died in 304 AD in Syracuse, Italy. She is an extraordinary saint and she was always so helpful to people of her time. She is very important to me because she is Italian, but she is very popular in Sweden and other Northern areas. I have both Italian and Swedish background so this means a lot to me.

Some interesting facts about Saint Lucia are some of the reasons for her patronage. One fact is that she is the patron saint of blindness and one legend says this is because there was a man who was in love with her and whom she was supoosed to marry. He loved her so much and he loved her eyes. When she declared she did not want to marry him he got very upset, so she poked out her eyes and sent them to him she he would be happy and he wouldn't have to marry her.

Another fact is that Saint Lucia is the patron saint of the poor because she was always helping the poor and helping persecuted Christians or Christians in hiding. During her lifetime, she was said to go through underground tunnels and bring food to people hiding in there who were persecuted Christians or the poor. While traveling through these dark tunnels, she wore a crown of candles on her head so she could see her way through the darkness while carrying the food. This is why she is associated with wearing a crown of candles and/or carrying a tray of food and this is also why many girls from Sweden and other Northern countries dress up in a crown of candles and bring food to their family as a tradition on Saint Lucia Day.


Saint Lucia, we ask you to help us through our difficult times and show us the way to God through your love and saintliness. We ask you to help and care for the blind and the poor and that they may always be happy and be able to enjoy the wonderful life God has given us. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work. Riley Waters

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