Biblical influences in choral music Erick Crow

"Music is not man's invention, but his heritage from the blessed spirits." Tomas Luis de Victoria

Spem in Alium-adapted from the Book of Judith

I have never put my hope in any other

but in You, O God of Israel

who can show both anger and graciousness,

and who absolves all the sins

of suffering man

Lord God,

Creator of Heaven and Earth

be mindful of our lowliness

Types of Biblical references in choral music

1.Oratorio-Large-scale dramatic genre originating in the Baroque, based on a text of religious or serious character, performed by solo voices, chorus, and orchestra; similar to opera but without scenery, costumes, or action.

2. Cantata-Vocal genre for solo singers, chorus, orchestra.

3. Psalms

4. Bible Stories

5. Sacred Music

6. Mass, Requiem, hymns


Oratorio: sacred vocal form, devotional music

large-scale dramatic genre: solo voices, chorus, orchestra

performed in concert setting without scenery or costumes

similarities to opera: recitatives, arias, duets, trios, choruses

sacred text: biblical story, libretto by religious leaders

early oratorios sponsored by Catholic Church

messages of faith to wide audience

Psalms-A sacred poem or song; specifically a setting of one of the 150 poems from the biblical Book of Psalms.

Biblical stories

Several Choral works based on biblical stories







Song of Solomon

Moses Hogan

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