Sutton Hoo Discovery Read all about it!

Yesterday, one of the biggest discoveries of all time was made. Archaeologists found an Anglo Saxon longboat with a very important person in the longboat. They found loads of jewellery in the longboat. It was the most important discovery of the time.

Edith Pretty, who owned the land where the discovery was made, quoted " I was shocked to find out an Anglo Saxon longboat was found after having a crazy dream. After my crazy dream, I argued with Basil Brown to dig up this mound. This mound was was colossal." The colossal had always frightened Basil Brown but he finally surrendered hear fears and went in the mound.

The jewellery discovered is worth millions of pounds. However, she didn't want it to get split up and therefore, Edith Pretty, the nice women that she is, donated it to the British Museum for free. Winston Churchill wanted to give Edith Pretty a CBE for her genoristy.

Edith Pretty rejected the CBE because she thought it wasn't a very nice favour. Edith was already wealthy before the hoard was found. Now her land is a piece of artwork and a tour site in the south of England.

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