EcoCAR 3 Year 3

The Basics

  • Redesign a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro to Reduce its Environmental Impact
  • 4 Year Collegiate-level Engineering Competition
  • 16 North American Universities are Selected to Compete

The Challenge

  • Build a hybrid vehicle that still has the iconic muscle of a Chevrolet Camaro
  • Focus on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and an innovation topic

Technical Goals

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Reduce Well-to-Wheel (WTW) GHG Emissions
  • Reduce Criteria Tailpipe Emissions
  • Maintain Consumer Acceptability in the Areas of Performance, Utility, and Safety
  • Meet Energy and Environmental Goals, while Considering Cost and Innovation

Note: This is first AVTC ASU has ever been involved in.


  • AVTC's have been occurring for almost 30 years (since 1988)
  • Managed by Argonne National Laboratory since the beginning

"More than 16,500 students from 93 educational institutions in North America have participated, gaining real-world, hands-on experience tackling the challenges associated with building fuel-efficient vehicles."


  • Support the advancement of a fuel efficient/"eco-friendly" vehicle while still satisfying consumer needs
  • Help students advance their own professional development by offering real world experience in business, communications, and engineering industries

Professional Success

  • Most students will secure a industry-related job before even receiving their degree

ASU Alumni Now Work Here:

  • General Motors
  • Ford
  • Honeywell

What has this project done for you?

"I have passion for cars and EcoCAR 3 can turn my passion into a career. I've learnt a lot of hands on experience and it gives me the confidence to deal with real world problems in the industry." -Monica Hsu, Controls Team Lead
"EcoCAR 3 is essentially a small company run by students. This presented an opportunity for me to learn things hands on & really explore my true passions. It's enhanced my college experience." -Kumail Selani, Project Manager
In the last 2 years, I've became a completely different person. What I have learned in EcoCAR would of taken me 10 years to learn anywhere else." -Mohammad Alzorgan, ADAS Team Lead

What would you tell to an aspiring engineering?

"Do it! Believe me, you won't regret it. Beyond the hands on training and real world experience you will gain, you will also learn the value of teamwork and dedication while building friendships that'll last a lifetime." -Briana Del Bianco, Former Communications Manager
"School does not teach you enough; it does not simulate real life. School is meaningless unless you learn to use it. EcoCAR is as close as you can get to the real world. Just go for it.” -Josh Center, Former SM&S Team Lead

Main Goals

  • Keep all swim lanes and members on task to reach deliverable deadlines (schedule management)
  • Financial management (ordering parts, budgeting, etc.)
  • Human Resources (a.k.a recruitment)
  • Maintain and develop relationships with current and future sponsors
  • Day-To-Day management (meetings, etc.)

Main Goals

  • Marketing
  • Media/Public relations (PR)
  • Coordinate outreach events (youth, influencer, and general campaigns)
  • Social Media
  • Internal communications
  • Social events

Outreach Events


  • Anywhere between the ages of 6th and 12th grade
  • Emphasize the importance of STEM programs and its diversification
  • Focus on opportunities gained through being "eco-friendly"


  • Discuss the importance of ASU's involvement, being green, and STEM programs with local and state government officials


  • Who would buy this car?
  • Interact with local community to showcase ASU's progress
  • Develop relationships (AKA networking)

Mechanical Team

Their Job

  • Hybrid powertrain development and packaging
  • CAD model development
  • Component validation (CAE, FEA, and Thermal Analysis)
  • Manufacturing and Implementation
  • Vehicle dynamics analysis
  • Testing and refinements


Due to ASU's facilities on the Polytechnic campus,. the EcoCAR 3 team has been able to design, build, and test most of its parts in our own garage.

Electrical Team

  • Miles of wire are currently routed in the car
  • Hybrid Vehicle Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) Electrical Modeling, Design and Implementation are the main focuses for this team
  • Currently testing all wires to make sure each is effectively doing its job

SM&S Team

What is SM&S?

  • Again, System Modeling and Simulations
  • SM&S designs the overall system of the vehicle through use of computer models (some calculation)

Their Goals

  • Key Component for Model Based Design
  • Creation of Systems Level Models of Vehicle Powertrain
  • Analytical Models for Design
  • Test Models used for Supervisory Controller Validation and Component Testing

Controls Team

What is Controls?

  • Controls does exactly what it says, it controls the car
  • Coding, developed through our engineers with a program called MathWorks, tells the car what to do
  • Examples
  • ASU students have poured thousands of hours into the past three years staring at a screen


  • Controls is testing and retesting its coding to get the vehicle running at full capacity (wheels spinning, lights turning on, everything)

Innovation Topic/ ADAS Team

What is ASU's Innovation Topic?

  • Each school is different
  • Graduate research is being done to figure this out

What is ADAS?

  • Again, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Examples
  • Next step before automated driving vehicles (ADVs)
  • This is where the industry is going. This generation should expect to be involved in its development/execution.
  • For ADAS & ADVs to be successful, plenty of communication is going to need to occur


Mattie Whitt

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