John Cornford A great grandson of Charles Darwin, lost in the Spanish Civil War

John Cornford was killed at the Battle of Lopera in 1936 on the day after his 21st birthday. Charles Darwin was not John's only family member to learn about social justice from. His mother was a voice for women in poetry. Her great-great-great-grandfather was abolitionist Josiah Wedgwood. John knew that fascism must be stopped. He knew that poetry helps. Now he is an exemplary figure for educating young social studies and history students.
After decades of dictatorship in Spain, efforts to recover accurate historical memory are essential. Time is short for families of the volunteers to Spain during the war. The end of dictatorship left those in Spain as well as Spanish exiles in Mexico with many mysteries to solve. The pain of not having proper burials for many families is a common burden to bear.

Text about challenges to teaching The Spanish Civil War in a distracting and busy world. Young students who want to go straight into a vocation or fall through the cracks can still find opportunities to learn SCW through John while pursing their passions. Many organizations and facilities open their doors to projects that center around John Cornford.

By merging John with his singular passion for media production, special needs student Mason Perales can stay focused on learning about the Spanish Civil War.

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Mason was enthralled as he filmed DJ Johnny Morrison's admiration for John while callers like historian Dr David Mathieson and political figure George Galloway explained their shared belief in John as a way to carry on education about The Spanish Civil War.

Discuss Adam Francis Cornford, who he is and how he acts as professor, project coordinator and speaker for Finding John Cornford efforts. With special concern for autism and ADHD, he is hopeful that teaching John will help him reach a wide spectrum of young people.

Kill gave the studio to Adam Francis Cornford to speak about Finding John Cornford, which is an effort to help people find John's history and demand an officially recognized final account of his death and his remains in Spain. Bringing in a high school student to document this second show about John shows how young people can take a step into control booths and special projects about John. John Cornford's legacy opens doors to news, arts, films and theater outlets across genres and disciplines.

The lessons we can take from the history and aftermath of the Spanish Civil War are endless. Lessons are still revealing themselves as relevant today. John Cornford is a leading figure from The International Brigades to teach lessons and encourage projects that will produce media to will help Spanish Republican families, Catalan families, Spanish Exiles and International Brigades family members around the world face today's fight of recuperating historical memory, before the hope for accuracy is lost. Adam Francis Cornford' lends his family platform of social justice innovators to help bring attention to John and thus The Spanish Civil War. Today, John's legacy provides a mighty megaphone to make the message against Fascism in the 20th Century clear.

  • Many heard about the struggle against Franco's forces funded by Hitler and Mussolini, and even fueled by Texaco.
  • No one country officially declared war even though volunteer groups from 53 nations went to fight.
  • More than 50% IBs were lost
  • Before World War Two was officially underway, many Spanish Republicans during and after the Spanish Civil War were forced into concentration camps that mirrored those used during The Holocaust.
  • Refusing to forget this history now will allow Spain's past cast a longer shadow. Spain's struggle encourages young people in understanding how to ask illuminating questions of school and political leaders.
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