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Sierra Leone is bordered by Liberia and Guinea

The natural resources that is provided by Sierra Leone is diamonds.

Sierra Leone's government has a president that is the head of state and head of government, this means they have a presidential representative democratic republic. They have 5 years terms and a multi-party system.

The RUF is an army in Sierra Leone that uses child soldiers. It overthrew the government and started a civil war. Why? Because they thought the government degraded and controlled wealth. Their goal was to creat equal opportunity and wealth.

The war began on march 23, 1991 when the RUF wanted to attempt to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government.

In this war the RUF was pushed to the Liberian border but soon fought back in, and Sierra Leone adopted a new form of government. The leader of the new government declared the end of the war. This was not the actual end of the war, it went on for a few more years but eventually the commonwealth won.

Boys from the ages 7-14 were used in combat and the girls were sexually abused. 

Some other countries that use child soldiers:

Sudan: Human Trafficking, forced labor and sexual exploitation,

Iraq: Make the children spies and fighters

Syria: hidden child labor, make clothes

Nigeria: Child trafficking, sexual exploitation, quarrying gravel and armed conflict

In 2014 the UN launched a campaign called "Children Not Soldiers" to end and prevent the practice of child soldiers and try to get these children back into their normal civilian lives.

Some things they're doing are preventing recruitment, releasing existing soldiers, and re-integrate kids back into civilian life.

When the UN rehabilitates children that were used as child soldiers they first give a medical exam, and then they keep them in profesional care for at least two months before they return to their civilized lives.

Now Ishmael Beah is 36 years old and has written two books and is going on tour.

He didn't really have a style. He just wrote how he remembered things happening in chronological order

He went to orberlin college.

Music had a positive influence on Ishmeal's life and widened his English vocabulary

Here is an example of the music Ishmael would have listened to.

This video tells why Ishmael decided to start talking about the situation in Sierra Leone. I learned that he decided to start bringing awareness to this was vecause when he came to America he realized that most people don't know about what is going on in Sierra Leone.

In this video Ishmael talks about child soldiers. I learned that the child soldier initiative is to spread the word of child soldiers, I figured it was to physically or medically help child soldiers directly.


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