feelings By:DAmian gutierrez

When i feel down, i try to keep going and just think of who

I’m doing this, why i’m in school, for my family, the most

Important people in my life and how my parents tell me that

their proud of me and what i have accomplished, it’s just motivating

Me to keep moving forward in life and in school.

When i feel happy, it happens not so often because of my grades at the moment but

When i am happy i’m usually with friends and family that make me laugh

And another thing that makes me happy is soccer and sometimes i can’t sleep at nights because all i’m thinking of is soccer which brings happiness to my life. When people tell me how i did on certain things like soccer i feel deep down inside that i did well and to keep going with it. When i do something bad i get mad at myself and think to myself i could’ve of done better in it….. Sadness is big feeling i get most of time, maybe cause i don’t tell anyone about it or i pay a lot of attention to it. Sadness affects people really hard sometimes that they kill themselves and thankfully i haven’t gotten really sad to where i’ve gotten to that point and i don’t think i will.


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