New York by: Hannah Gorham Eli diop

New York has more than 8 million people. New York is in the North East. New York is a state that has a large city named New York City.

On September 11,2001, terrorist flew two hijacked planes into the twin sky scrapers called the world trade center . The buildings were destroyed. Almost 3,000 people were killed.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Odell beacom jr, jay z, Marrice Sendok, Sorourner Truth, Frederic remingten, all of them are famous people in New York. The first European to visit the area was probably an Italian explorer, Gionvanni Da Verrazzano, 1524. Most of the population comes from New York city because it has over 8 million to 7 million people .

They have a sugar tree as a symbol, there kind of gem is garnet, there reptile is a snapping turtle, and there mammal is a beaver. Their flower is a rose, there bird is a blue bird. The statue of liberty stands for the freedom of the homeless.

The American civil war happened in New York on between 1939 to 1945. The sport team is New York Giants, New York yannkies, New York nicks. In 1775 to 1783 the American revolution war happened in new York.

New York Giants, New York Rose, Sugar Tree, New York Garnet, New York Blue Bird

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