Mrinalini Singh My Exhibition Handbook...

Theme of this unit...

How We Express Ourselves !!

My Kala Ghoda Reflection !!

Where we went:

We went to Kala Ghoda festival in Colaba, south Mumbai

List of things I saw:

  • A big rocking horse with a tape art pattern
  • Jehangir Gallery
  • Chess slide
  • We also went to the potter’s market
  • A big horse made out of clay, water and sculpting tools
  • We also saw many horses and paintings made by either schools or painters
  • We also saw an horse made out of charcoal
  • I saw these pictures taken by Sanjeev Bodhe [the photos were about peaceful places and noisy places!]
  • Lastly, we also saw this model which was part unicorn, part pegasus and part mermaid.{It looked quite funny}
  • The side-ways room
Something I learned:

I came to know many ways on how people express themselves through art, colours and their creativity.I saw a clay model of an horse and I think a clay model would be a good thing to use clay in the exhibition.

My favorite part of the trip was...

  • I liked the photos
  • I also liked 2 of paintings; The night has 1000 eyes and The wishing tree!
  • I loved the models made by the schools
  • I also loved T-rex made with fake money!!!

How did the art installations and displays express ideas / feelings / culture/ beliefs and values?

The art installations express the idea of the artist because the artist thought of the ideas to express himself/herself . The artist expressed his/her feelings through the way they made the artwork and the colours they used. They expressed their beliefs and values by what they made and the way they believed it should be made. {They believed it should have been made 1 way}

Were the art installations and displays creative? If yes, then how?

Yes, because they made horse out of clay and charcoal which is not usual and takes a lot of effort to do it.

Write a short statement about the importance of art in your life!

Art can be a way to express myself as I can use different designs, styles and colours in my artwork. It is also fun and can entertain people for a while.

The tuning-in activity...

This is a picture where we got pictures of people or things and we had to pin it on a board. There were 3 boards 1 about cultures and beliefs, the 2nd one was about creativity and the last one was Aesthetics. I had fun and got to pin up many pictures and I also I came to know about many more ways to express yourselves.
This was the whole of grade 5 after finishing the activity!!!!! This activity took place in the 2nd floor pit area and the grade 5 teachers helped in setting it up and organising it.

My first thinking !!

What is it that excites you about the exhibition?

I think I will be able to find good information as I have good research skills .I will also be able to present and display my information well, as I love making my work looking neat, clear and colourful.

What do you see as being the biggest challenges for you, during the exhibition process?

Maybe working with the same people for 9 weeks. Also, because even in class we don’t always do group work and we do some work individually!!



I chose dance because I think I can express myself most through it! Also, It is a great way to express yourself as you can choose to do what you want to next and you can add your emotions and expressions. I chose it also because I want to know more about dance.


I want to know how dance has evolved, dance in the mythical context, more dance styles and how they are different from each other, the history of dance, how you can tell a story through dance and a little more about how you can express yourself through dance!!! { Also how the first people/cave men used to dance 😜}

Framework for my Inquiry!!


  • Why are traditional dances in India so heavily structured?
  • What caused people to create different dances?


  • How did the styles of dances change overtime?
  • How did the dancing costumes change over the years?


  • How are all the dances connected to each other?
  • How are western dances connected to Indian dances?


  • How do people in India think about western dance?
  • How do people from overseas think about Indian dances?


  • Do dancers reflect on themselves after their performance?
  • What thought process goes in choreographing the dance routine?


  • Is there a responsibility of the government to help underprivileged children work alongside NGOs to express themselves through dance?
  • Do corporates have a social responsibility to support such programmes, artists and events?

Getting Our groups

The journey...

We assembled in room no. 322 and 325 on March 2nd. Before getting our groups I was really nervous about what topic I will get and who will be in my group! But to my surprise I got DANCE as my topic and got a really nice group:

  • Aashna Jha 5B
  • Mayra Shetty 5B
  • Aryan Hirawat 5A
  • Isha Ratanghayra 5C
  • Mrinalini Singh 5E {ME!!!}

I got Ms. Hemal and Ms. Shital as my homeroom teacher and Ms. Sruti and Ms. Riddhi as my Mentors. After getting into our groups our group went to Ms. Hemal! We did a team building activity where we had to build a bridge out of paper, tape and scissors. Lastly we also had to write a weakness and a strength about dance. My strength was choosing the correct music and the choreography of the dance. My weakness was that I don't know any indian traditional dances😅!!

I am really excited to begin our journey of the Exhibition unit!!!

Our first mentor meeting....
Our mentor meetings will take place every day 1, from 1:20 pm - 2 pm
Our Group Pictures...

Central Idea...

Dance helps us to express our creativity and appreciate the cultures of the world !!

How did you choose this as your central idea?

I was absent on the day it was made...

What did you like about it?

I like the way it includes most of the important points and how it's phrased.

What are you personally going to enjoy inquiring into?

I will be mostly inquiring into the forms of dances and the history of dance!

1st week Reflection !!

My Exit Ticket !!

What I used to think and what i think now...

I used to think exhibition will be fun, but now I think that I really need to pull up my socks and work very hard. I feel my group is really hardworking and we have lot's of fun together.

Reflections !! (week 4)

I also am doing a report on a NGO in America called "Dizzy Feet"!!!

Inquiry Research Rubric!


These are hand gestures / mudras for Bharatnatyam !!

These are hand gestures / mudras for Kathak!!

Our survey !!

My reflection...

I understood that mostly people find dance as a way to express themselves, their feelings and their emotions. But, also some people do not like dancing Or prefer dance as a way to express themselves.

Reflections !! (week 5)

Week 6 Reflection...

Week 7 Reflections !!

Week 8 Reflections !!

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