Danger Alert Biomimicry

We think that we can change the future. Many people are in danger everyday, and never know what to do to get out of a difficult situation. Our new product may be able to save many lifes.

For this project we choose to take the skills of a chameleon, to make a chip that can be inbeded into any of your clothes, allowing you to camouflage. This chip can also ditect when you are in danger. When ever the chips ditects you are in danger it alows your clothes to camouflage to fit your surroundings. Once you are safe your clothes with go back normal.

How to use it. This new chip is very easy to use, all you have to do is attack the chip to your clothes and activate it. Will it fall off with the movenments you do everyday? No we have designed this chip to have a very strong girp. When applying there is a lock that prevents the chip from ever falling.

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