A Fathers Promise Ch. 23-25 Ava curcio

Ch.23 Josef's Return

A year has past and Rudi loved his work on the farm and so did Ingrid. Her dog Sasha has gone from a big fluff ball, to a strong husky. Under Anna's care Ingrid has gotten healthier and even learned how to read & write. Ingrid still does art, but she refuses to draw with pencil and paper. So every morning Rudi goes out into the woods and gets her some bark,sticks, and stones. As Rudi was getting the cows back into the barn a stranger approached. Sasha growled. Until the stranger got closer, Rudi got a close look. It was Josef. He held Sasha with all his might. As Josef walked in the door he said to Anna, "I want food" Josef said with an attitude. Everyone could tell he was mean. Even the dog. Sasha followed his every move.

Ch. 24 A Hard Decision

They were eating dinner and Rudi & Josef had an argument Josef went over Ingrid and tried to attack Rudi. As soon as Sasha saw that she got up with all her might and attacked Josef. He was frightened. Josef yelled "Get her off! Rudi got all his might to get her off. Later that night Rudi couldn't fall asleep. He woke up Anna and told her they need to talk. He made them tea. Trying not to wake up Ingrid they talked quietly. He told he's leaving only for awhile. She guessed it was because of Josef. She was right. He was leaving in the morning. He told her that when he was gone to tell Ingrid that he will only be gone for awhile. After they were done he had a talk with Josef. Rudi told Josef very strictly that he was fine to hurt himself (Rudi) but not Ingrid,Anna, and the ones he loved. He said if Josef did do something he would be back and he would haft to pay the price.

Ch. 25 The Passing of Night

Rudi woke up the next early morning. He heard shouting,it was Oscar. He came closer and there was a bunch of other soldiers. As Rudi came close to Oscar he was stunned and pointed a gun at Rudi. But then Rudi said" Wo stop it's me, Rudi"! Oscar broke out into a smile Oscar said to Rudi "you've certainly have grown"! They talked about Ingrid and how Rudi stayed at Anna's for about a year. Rudi thanked Oscar, because without Oscars help with the woods Rudi could've died. After they talked Oscar had to go back so did Rudi.

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